12 August 2014

Tag Team Revolution

Tag team wrestling seems to have its hills and valleys; one year it's hot (example: WWF is the 80's) and other times it doesn't really seem to have a place on the card (you can look at TNA's treatment of tag teams in 2013 for that). I think most fans can agree that we love tag team wrestling, it is something completely unique to pro wrestling itself, you're never going to see tag team MMA or tag boxing, it's faster paced than singles matches (most of the time) and can create some interesting stories in and out of the ring. TNA has been no different than any other company (or territory if you will) when it comes to tag teams. You can see that at times, it seems to be a staple of the company, others it has been an afterthought. However, over the last few weeks we have seen a change - two major teams have reformed and another has risen to become the hottest team in TNA, some might say a revolution is upon us in TNA Wrestling's tag division.

A lot of TNA fans that I talk to were hooked on TNA because of the X division or the big name stars that came over from other organizations. MY big hook was a tag team called America's Most Wanted; made up of 'Cowboy' James Storm and 'Wildcat' Chris Harris, this team reminded me of the great teams of yesteryear like the Hart Foundation or the British Bulldogs. I really think you could've taken AMW and put them in any territory in the 80's and they would've been champions, they were that good. Their feuds with the likes of Triple X, Disciples of the New Church, The Naturals and Team Canada made me a believer in tag team wrestling again (which in the early 2000's wasn't a big focus in WWE). Over the years TNA has had some great teams, look no further than the MotorCity Machine Guns, LAX, Beer Money, Bad Influence, Generation Me, The British Invasion, and of course arguably the greatest tag team of all time, Team 3D. However, among all those greats, we have seen our share of makeshift teams and times when the tag division just wasn't a priority. Who could forget when Tomko and AJ Styles held the tag belts in 2007/2008 and never seemed to defend them (could've been a bad ass team too) or at Bound for Glory 2011 when Ink Inc. and Mexican America wrestled for the tag belts on the pre-show. It seemed as though we were getting somewhere when Bad Influence was formed and began having great matches with the likes of AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, but it didn't seem to last as there weren't enough actual tag teams to rejuvenate the division. In particular, 2013 was a slow year for teams as we saw everyone that wasn't involved in the Aces and Eight's storyline just slapped together in makeshift teams and having good matches on the undercard with no real purpose. While I loved the Austin Aries and Bobby Roode team, both those guys deserved more. By Bound for Glory of that year The Broman's were tag team champions. Look, I love The Bromans; they are easily one of the most entertaining acts in TNA, but to make them the focus of the tag division with no real opponents showed how shallow the division was. That is until Dixie Carter sent out a tweet that two new stars had been signed and would be appearing at Genesis 2014. That's when it all changed, that's when the cage door was opened and out came THE WOLVES!

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards were already well established in Ring of Honor as being one of the best tag teams in the world. They tore the house down every night they went out there and have been known as the "human highlight reel". I myself witnessed them win the ROH tag titles in the main event at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, I left that show thinking, "Damn those guys are amazing!" The Wolves have been having ""match of the night" after "match of the night" on any given evening, easily becoming the hottest new act in TNA; and that's saying something considering all the great new talent TNA has brought in recently. The Wolves Nation are howling at the moon for these guys; they're starting a revolution. However, after a lengthy feud with The Bromans, it seemed like there was no one left for The Wolves to face. Until we got to NYC and we saw the return of Team 3D and The Hardy Boys. Two of the greatest teams in history. Two teams that made tag wrestling significant again in the 90's with their amazing matches. Revolutionaries. I don't need to tell you how good The Wolves vs. The Hardy Boys were at Destination X, I'm sure most (if not all of you) have seen that match.  I also don't think I'm spoiling anything (being that TNA announced the match ahead of time) to say that I was busting when I saw what they had lined up for the next set of Impact tapings in New York...

You couldn't ask for a better dream tag team match than this. Not only two classic teams renewing a classic rivalry, but throw in the hottest tag team in TNA. It seems as though tag team wrestling in TNA is back! Great in ring work, star power and tag teams that are actual tag teams! It seems as though TNA is putting a big spotlight on the teams again and this is good to see. I feel like this is the main hook for Impact again, which brings me back to America's Most Wanted. I feel like AMW could've main evented any TNA show and people would've bought into it. They did it at Turning Point 2004 with XXX. I feel like The Wolves could be the new main event tag team TNA has been looking for. Perhaps at TNA's biggest show of the year, in Tokyo, Japan, we could see The Wolves, The Hardys (provided they can get there) and Team 3D as the main event. Call me crazy but I think that could be a revolutionary idea.

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