10 August 2014

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Aug 7, 2014

Once again we open Impact with a match, and what a violent match it was. Abyss and Bram worked well here to deliver a match that was worthy of the Monster's Ball moniker, some sick looking spots including Bram breaking the kendo stick over Abyss' head, the chokeslam into the tacks, Abyss being speared into the barbed wire board and the finish with Janice. Bram looked very good here and got the win in impressive fashion, and also took Janice to seemingly keep this feud going. Decent promo segment that planted the seed to the eventual Roode vs Lashley match, my only problem with this segment was the argument Roode used to try and cause dissension between Lashley and MVP. The fact of the matter is MVP's plan was for him to be World Champion, and thats the plan Lashley agreed to be apart of, so Roode's point didn't make any sense, never the less its good to see the Lashley vs Roode ball is starting to roll.

It looks like things are starting to boil over between Mr Anderson & Gunner concerning Samuel Shaw's recovery. Were now starting to see who we should be siding with here, as Anderson's wariness towards Shaw is turning into frustration because Samuel has yet to show his old side and prove Ken was right all along. It looks like Gunner is becoming frustrated that his partner won't trust him, which could lead to them coming to blows in the coming weeks. Team Bully Ray wins the Hardcore War in a decent multi-man match, nice to see Al Snow return for one night to a great ovation from the NYC crowd, this match was really to lead into the series of events that closed the show later in the night. The Knockouts promo was a nice set up for the four way next week, it makes sense that after TBP interrupted Gail vs Taryn 3 a few weeks ago that Gail would rather have them involved in the match, and also trying to cause a little distension between Velvet & Angelina, whether or not it goes anywhere we'll have to see.

I'm really interested in where this story with Storm and Sanada is going. The Cowboy seems to expect that Sanada will instantly be an obedient student and do everything he says without question, but he doesn't realise he needs to give Sanada some reason to do anything he says before he can easily control him like a puppet. Very good X Division Title main event, seeing Joe & Low Ki lock horns again was great to watch, and Sanada didn't look out of place in the ring with those two either. Pretty cool to see Samoa Joe win the X Division title once again, should be interesting to watch the X Division with Joe on top and guys like Low Ki, Sanada, Homicide, Manik and others chasing after him.

Dixie's meltdown at the end was great, firing Snitsky & Ryklon after just two weeks of being her henchmen, to her telling the crowd to get out and telling them to "pick their shit up", Dixie really performed well here. The roster coming out to stop Dixie from getting away was a good visual, and Spud fainting was hilarious. What a moment it was when Dixie went through the table, kudos to here for taking the bump, she didn't have to do it but she did, and in a sense was a nice nod to the roster for doing what they do for her company. Seeing the roster and fans in unison chanting TNA to end the show was awesome to see, after almost a year of the Dixie Carter character making lives of multiple TNA stars miserable, she finally got what was coming to her, and the stars & fans of TNA united in celebration to sending the evil boss on her way.

Favorite Moment - #ItHappened was a great moment for sure, not specifically for the table spot, but the reaction from everyone in the building and the celebration that followed, a great moment indeed.

Least Favorite Moment - There wasn't anything that stood out as bad to me this week, so this unwanted honour remains vacant this week.

MVP of the Night - It would be hard not to give it to Bully and finally achieving what he's wanted to do for 4 months.

Grade - Yet another great show this week. While I missed the review last week, Destination X was a solid A for me, and this weeks show is deserving of at least an A-/A grade.

Chris Regal
We had been anticipating the Dixie Carter table spot for months and I will say this: TNA delivered in a big way this week.  Bully Ray put Dixie Carter through a table and it provoked quite a reaction from wrestling fans all over the world, good and bad.  I think it's a shame that some have been overly sensitive and have tried to make this about violence on women because they couldn't be more wrong.  This was about an evil boss' comeuppance and his or her gender had nothing to do with it.  Dixie Carter has been making her employees' lives a living hell and they finally took matters into their own hands.  I think it's also important to note that Dixie Carter's character had become a scapegoat for everything that was wrong with TNA.  This week's act was symbolic.  When Dixie Carter went through that table, pro wrestling was saved.  It was the rebirth of pro wrestling in TNA.  We have seen signs of the product going in a new direction, one in which wrestling is the focus.  Bully Ray powerbombing Dixie Carter through that table was the final nail in that coffin.  And TNA is better off today for it.

Speaking of rebirths, the X Division continues to be spotlighted every week and the fact that Samoa Joe is the new X Division champion proves to me that TNA's thinking long term here.  All of a sudden, the X Division features top talents such as Samoa Joe, Low Ki, Sanada, occasionally Austin Aries, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards, as well solid inventory talents in Manik, DJ Z, and Tigre Uno.  I can't remember the last time the division had such depth.  I think Joe's victory this week sets up and very interesting confrontation with Low Ki, which has been teased the last couple of weeks in backstage segments.  That's a dream match for so many fans who started watching TNA in the last couple of years, and I can tell you that you won't be disappointed.

We had another Monster's Ball match, this week, which was as cringeworthy as these types of matches are.  They never fail to give me chills, particularly when someone gets powerbombed into the tacks.  Bram was the victim this time and his back was a mess after.  However, Bram got the impressive win and interestingly enough, took Janice with him after the match.  We all know Abyss won't be happy about that so I'm looking forward to the next chapter of this feud.  I must say, Bram's development is coming along nicely and has quickly become someone I look forward to watching every week.  I also must applaud Abyss for putting Bram over.  He realizes that's his role now within TNA and he's doing a fantastic job.

In other developments, the dynamic between Mr. Anderson, Samuel Shaw, and Gunner continues to evolve.  It's interesting because I can't quite figure out what the endgame is.  Are the writers slowly trying to redeem Shaw or are they setting up a betrayal?  If it's the latter, who will betray whom?  And lastly, in the Knockouts Division, Gail Kim was given approval by Kurt Angle to choose her opponent for next week's title match and chose Taryn Terrell, as well as Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.  What was interesting about this week's segment was the fact that the writers seemed to be teasing several different feuds involving the four women.  But mostly, it looked like we could be seeing the Beautiful People split up at some point.

Favorite Moment - This one's easy.  Dixie Carter going through a table will be a moment that nobody who witnessed it will ever forget.  Simply historic.

Least Favorite Moment - I'm not sure there were any that I hated this week.

MVP of the Night - It's easy to give the kudos to Bully Ray this week but my MVP is Dixie Carter.  I can't imagine the kind of courage it takes to take such a bump as someone who has never even wrestled in a match.  But she went all the way.  She took no shortcuts.  She was powerbombed off the top rope onto a table.  Unbelievable.

Grade - Great show this week with some good matches and great moments, one of which will be ingrained in our brain for a very long time.  For that reason, this show gets a A- from me.

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