01 August 2014


So the cat's out of the bag.  Some of us found out about Dixie Carter doing the unthinkable weeks ago.  Some of us were actually there in person at The Manhattan Center when it happened.  A select few of you found out about it last night.  Regardless of when you realized it happened, at some point you had to have sat back and pondered what this will mean for TNA going forward.  Before we get to some of those ramifications, I would just like speak on behalf of all of us by saying to Dixie, "Thank You!".  Thank you for sacrificing your body.  Thank you for showing the fans, critics, trolls and haters alike how much you really care about TNA and this wrestling business.  That took guts and fortitude that most of us will never, ever understand.  Personally, you have my respect and loyalty more than ever, and I'm sure a lot of you would echo those same sentiments.

Now, I said this last night in our Post-IMPACT Discussion thread and I will say it again:  TNA's hand was forced in spoiling the Dixie table spot (and given how long ago it happened, I'm kind of surprised it took this long).  The ENTIRE IWC has been ahead of this for weeks.  All social media has been ahead of this for weeks.  Smart-phone videos of it happening have been posted for weeks.  So if you were one of the few people on God's green Earth that didn't know that Dixie Carter went through a table, then I'm sorry that it  got spoiled for you last night.  Frankly, you need to get over it.  Most of us here have actually known and just kept our mouths shut.  Yes, we here at TNAMecca protected that information as long as we could like watch dogs in front of a castle, but it could only last for so long.  We choose to follow TNA's lead when it comes to talking about prior taping results and obviously they've made the decision to put it out there for a ratings/viewership boost for next week.  It isn't the ideal situation to have such a landmark event happen on a taped show, but it is what it is.  Destination X was amazing last night, and it was taped.  Bound For Glory figures to be awesome and it will be on a tape delay.  Taped or LIVE, #ItHappens will still serve its purpose as a poignant and controversial event. 

So what will come of Dixie "taking one for the team" in such a brave and risk-taking manner?  Will she take a long hiatus from her on-screen character again for the foreseeable future?  Will the anti-TNA smarks finally cut her some slack from this point on?  Will she have won over some of that old-ECW audience by proving that she's willing to hurt herself physically to gain their respect?  I think she has essentially "rallied her troops" to take things with TNA to another level.  There are multiple reasons why a beautiful, delicate woman that has never taken a hard-core bump before would do this.  I'd like to hear what you think those reasons are.  However, I do slightly fear that there may be some negative backlash to Dixie doing this.  The violence-against-women issue might leak into the mainstream media.  I don't recall if that happened when Bully Ray put Mae Young through a table in WWE.  I'm hoping certain women's rights groups don't get on TNA's case.  Who knows what that kind of reaction this will garner.  I'm sure that there had to have been several meetings where Dixie and the other key management figures in TNA discussed if they should do this and what might happen.  I think, in the end, the pros will outweigh the cons and that TNA will gain some good exposure out of it.  The spectrum of reaction and controversy could range anywhere from a small increase in viewership and no mainstream coverage to a sizable increase in viewership and a media shit-storm.  That all will play itself out next week.  IT happened.  Now we'll sit back and see what IT will cause.  I'm actually glad IT happened because I think IT has the potential to really shake things up.  IT is going to be crazy next Thursday. 

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