19 August 2014

Catching Up with Ethan Carter III

Steve Orbanek of recently conducted a great interview with Ethan Carter III that covered several TNA-related topics as well as Cleveland Sports and some of Carter's past and his future goals. It's not often that we post interviews, however we felt this was such a good read that it was only right to share it with all of you, so we'd like to send a huge thanks to the interviewer Steve Orbanek for allowing us the opportunity to do so. Below are some snippets from the interview relating to TNA, if you would like to read the full interview simply click here.

Orbanek: Are you at all worried about the rumors you hear about with TNA and the possibility that they could lose their television deal?

Carter: No, because one thing I think with the Internet is it likes to pick on this company as it always does. Any misinformation will be misconstrued. God bless wrestling, and I love wrestling. It’s my life. But man, wrestling fans are horrible sometimes. Not all of them, but there’s a vocal minority out there. And it’s like why, if you love something, would you hate something about it? I love Cleveland sports and we have off years, but I don’t start hating the teams. So no, I’m not worried about it. I think every two years, these negotiations come up and these rumors happen. We’re moving to Wednesday nights, which I think is a great idea. As far as our future, I have a full faith that we are going in the right direction and whether it’s Spike or somewhere else, we are going to be an asset.

Orbanek: Now, your last year has been kind of crazy. You debuted last October in TNA, and just look at you now. You’re definitely a main event player here, and it’s kind of a turnaround because I believe you were released back in May 2013 from WWE. Can you talk about your past year? How has this been for you to be in a position like this?

Carter: The only thing that’s changed with me is that an opportunity was given as opposed to not given. I’m very thankful for it, and I plan on running with it because this is what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. I’m not shocked with the amount of success I have had personally, I’m just shocked at the amount of opportunity and leeway this company has granted me and given me the ball to run with. I can’t be anything more than thankful because it’s been an awesome ride. I really look forward to continuing our success. I feel very good about the future. It’s proven in the numbers, we’re going up, and everyone seems to really be bringing their “A” game on the entire roster from the newer talent we’re using to the veterans. This is like family, and it’s awesome.

Orbanek: One of the things you’ve done since debuting in TNA is work some high-profile programs. Sting worked his last program in TNA with you. You worked with Kurt Angle until he got hurt. You came in right away, and worked with these high-profile guys. How was that for you, and what did you gain from that? How cool is it to say, “Sting’s last TNA match, I took him out.” “Angle, possibly his last TNA match, I took him out.” How’s that been for you?

Carter: It’s a great opportunity that they trusted me and were like, “Here’s an opportunity? Can you hang?” The thing with Sting is it was awesome because wow, it’s Sting. Holy smokes. The matches were short and meh but to be able to work the vocabulary and the talking angles, that was so important to me. That changed me and even in the middle of doing it, I could feel myself improving standing with him as we talked. I felt it for real. I felt, “Here’s a guy, and this is what ‘being over’ is like.” I could feel a different reception from the crowd towards him. It’s different when you’re in the ring with a guy like that, so that was awesome. Again, I thank TNA for having faith in me. Kurt, same thing, and I just wish we had more time. I wish his knee wasn’t injured, but he’ll be back, and I’ll be waiting. I don’t think he’s done by a long shot.

Orbanek: What’s your ultimate goal here in TNA? Do you want to be that world champ? That top heel? You ever want to have a run as a face?

Carter: My No. 1 goal is for this place to be as successful as I can possibly make it and whatever that takes out of me, so be it because I want to be the franchise guy, the company guy, the guy who’s on the road all the time. I want them to be sending me wherever I need to be. Of course, I want to be champ and I want to be the guy. But I want this place to be a huge success, and I think in addition to me, there’s a lot of guys who have this mentality and also have the tools to do it.

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