18 August 2014

Broken But Not Down

As most of you know Davey Richards, one half of the Tag Team Champions The Wolves, broke his leg in a main event at a house show in Indiana, PA. The main event was scheduled to be The Wolves vs. 3D but as Bully Ray couldn’t be there, Mr. Anderson became Devon’s tag partner instead. According to my source, who was in the front row at the show, a few minutes into the match Davey was doing a roll up or flip type move on Mr. Anderson and he landed horribly wrong. As Davey replied to a fan on Twitter, “my leg got twisted underneath me”.

At the time according to my source, all 4 men were in the ring when the accident occurred. My source goes on to say that Davey laid in the ring a minute before struggling to roll over to the corner. After a few minutes of laying on the apron he rolled out out of the ring as help arrived and was taken to the back. My source said they knew something horrible had happened because of the way Davey literally just laid on the apron before being escorted from the ring. My source also said the crowd was really confused regarding what had just happened. Probably even more so when Abyss came out to finish the match with Eddie. No theme music played. Abyss just showed up. Things happened that fast.

Davey is in good spirits today as he took to Twitter this morning thanking people for the well wishes. He even went on to say that (paraphrase) the out pour of human compassion is amazing. We as part of the Wolves Nation and fans of TNA everywhere, wish Davey a speedy recovery. I’m sure he will be back better than ever. In fact he tweeted saying, "Landed in STL- straight to rehab. Be back in 4-6 weeks. The Wolves came to @IMPACTWRESTLING to wrestle and wrestle we will. #PathToGreatness"

The question that everyone is asking, what happens to the TNA Tag Team Titles? Does Eddie find a replacement partner or do they relinquish the belts to another tag team? While there may be many varying opinions on this, it all depends on how long it takes for Davey to heal. If he is back in 4-6 weeks then there is enough taped shows to allow him time to heal and progress the story without having to make changes. If not then obviously changes have to happen.

As I said earlier there will be many different opinions on the direction that TNA takes with the Tag Team Titles. Let me hear yours. I’m sure this will be the cause of  some good conversations until things unfold. Until then let’s all be sure to wish Davey Richards a healthy and speedy recovery.

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