12 August 2014

A Message from MisterTNA: One Year On

It's hard for me to believe, but today officially marks the first anniversary for TNAMecca, and I couldn't be any prouder of this achievement or this site. When myself, Chris & Reece (BigDawg) came together last Summer, we wanted to create a destination for TNA fans where they could read quality columns, see and discuss believable & legitimate news and be apart of a community that was filled with good people who wanted to be around fellow fans, with absolutely no worry of being hounded by those with the sole intention to bash and be a disruption within our comments section. When I look back at the intentions we set out with, I'm very proud to say we have stuck by them and achieved what we wanted to achieve, making TNAMecca a home for TNA fans. 

To see the growth of our comments section and daily viewership has been extraordinary, I never imagined that within a year we would have done the things we've done and created something so special, and what really drives it home is that as I sit here writing this, I don't feel like I'm addressing people that I know are reading this because a dashboard tells me so, but I feel like I'm directly talking to readers that I know and have spoken to over the last year, which says to me that this is more than just a website, this really is a community.

There are a lot of people to thank for this last year, and there is no better place to start than with my partners, Reece & Chris. Running a site like this is not easy at all, but having the two of you as partners makes it so much easier than it should be, making decisions as a team can be tough, but both of you are so open to ideas that you're willing to discuss, and if there's one thing I'm most proud of, it's that no matter what, we make every decision as a team, and 9 times out of 10, the decisions are unanimous. Chris, you really are the core of the operation, always there keeping an eye on the day to day operations of the site, without you and everything you do, me and Reece would probably agree that we'd be lost, and for that I am truly grateful. Reece, you are without a doubt one of the most reliable and driven guys I know, every time you say you're going to do something you deliver, and it's always to such a high standard, and with everything you do for the site on social media, you embody what are community is all about.

I'd like to thank our great team of writers, Nick, Lewis, Richie & Andy. The four of you are superb writers, the contributions you have already made (minus Andy) have been fantastic, and have played a key role in making the site what it is. We couldn't ask for four easier people to work with than you guys, and we thank you for allowing us to share your passion and skills with our community and look forward to the great work you will all do in the future. I'd also like to thank former staff members Andre Corbeil & Big Ray, it was great to work with you two and have the CanAm Wrestling Show apart of TNAMecca in its first few months, and to see the shows expansion go so well and you both become a big part of is great to see, I wish you both and the show nothing but success in the future. I'd like to take a moment to thank a man by the name of Theo. Many of you will have never heard of Theo, but he is the un-sung hero of this site. Theo designs all of the banners that you see on the site and has spent hours and hours providing us with great graphics to make TNAMecca look the best it possibly can, and he asks for absolutely nothing in return. So I hope you will all join me in thanking Theo for his amazing work and huge contributions to the site, because without him TNAMecca wouldn't be the site it is.

Last and certainly not least, I'd like to thank you guys, the readers and commenters of TNAMecca. The amount of you has really grown over the last year, and we are so honoured that you make TNAMecca a daily destination, whether it's to read some great content, keep up to date with news, or just swing by and talk to fellow TNA fans about the show and wrestling in general, we're glad we can provide you with all of the above and that you choose to be apart of our community. I'd name some names from the comments section, but I'd hate to neglect anyone by not naming them, and for a certain few, I wouldn't want to give them the ego boost ;). The support from all of you over the last year has been amazing, from the great following we have on Twitter, to our large number of commenters on the site, we really appreciate your support and thank you so much for making what we do exactly what we set out for it to be, fun. 

To see so many original ideas such as Saturday Night Chat, Pick 'em League, Ringside, The POV series and so many others catch on and become key parts of the site really make us proud, and it drives us to continue to come up with more concepts that will entertain you. We currently have several ideas being thrown around, with one specifically that's just about ready to debut in the next few weeks, and we hope these additions will make the next 12 months even better for the site.

After the growth we've had in our first year, I can't fathom where we may be in a years time, all I know is I can't wait to find out, and I hope you all join me on what's been a wonderful ride so far. I thank you for being apart of this community and making TNAMecca what it is today, and I hope a year from today, we can all come together again and look back on another great 12 months for the site & for the brand we love, TNA Wrestling. Until then, pat yourselves on the back, enjoy the celebratory mood and take pride in what we've all come together and created. Happy Anniversary Everyone :)

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