18 July 2014

What a Delicious Appetizer!

Everyone is in agreement that last night was a high-quality IMPACT in New York City.  There's no doubt about that (unless you're just a complete troll or TNA hater that is).  The crowd was awesome.  The wrestling was great.  The return of the six-sided ring was fantastic.  The show literally flew by because the content was history-making and impressive.  Thankfully this is only the beginning; a delicious appetizer, if you will.  It's as if fans are being treated to a lovely 12-course meal at a fancy eatery in Paris.  So this first course was an enjoyable hors d'oeuvre that has essentially whet our appetite for more awesomeness to consume.  The menu of NYC episodes will provide course after course of delightful entertainment for the next 11 weeks until we finally get our dessert and coffee before heading to Tokyo at Bound For Glory.  What really happened last night though?  Was it a reboot?  Was it a revitalization?  Or..... were others, who don't usually watch TNA, just simply let in on the secret that we've all known for a long while?  

I'd like to think that TNA had an increased audience last night due to the buzz that has surrounded these NYC shows (even though I haven't actually seen the viewership/rating for this first show as of the time of writing).  The tangible difference that I've seen personally is the excitement level amongst the fans.  People on Twitter and our comment section have been saying things like, "This is the first IMPACT I've seen since......(fill in the blank)" or "That's the best IMPACT since ______ " or "That felt like a completely different/better show".  That's great.  Welcome back to being an active viewer of the product.  I'm glad ya'll are enjoying it darlins.  This is the perfect time to start watching IMPACT again.  This is also an ideal time for TNA to have such strong shows with little to no major sports, sitcoms or other popular shows being on TV on Thursdays for the next month or so.  I'm certain that the timing of the initial July and early August shows in NYC has been based off a savvy observation of trends.  Last year Destination X was the ratings grabber.....last July.  This year, the strongest shows to date (in the U.S.) are starting in July.  This is no coincidence.

Here's my advice to you, the reader (keep in mind, you can take my advice or tell me to screw off.  I'm fine with either one really).  Here it is: Take your time enjoying each show.  It's simple.  Enjoy each course as it comes to you.  Savor the different flavors that each show has to offer and keep an appetite for the next course.  Cleanse your palate in between the shows.  There are 12 total courses here (if they do have that one last September taping in NYC that is).  If you get too excited or fill up on one course, you may not have room for the next (unless you have an insatiable appetite like myself).  You see how I'm going back and forth between literal meaning and figurative?  You can't tell which it is which perhaps?  I realize that those who know spoilers have skipped ahead a couple of courses, and that's fine.  We don't all have to eat at the same speed; to each his own.  Just don't choke on that chicken bone in that hot wing.  I don't feel like doing the Heimlich maneuver on anyone right now.     

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