31 July 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Jul 31, 2014

- If you're a TNA fan, it's been a trying few days due to the rumors regarding TNA's television deal with SpikeTV.  While many, who'd like to see TNA go under, have jumped at the opportunity to scream their joy from the rooftops, I'm happy to see that most wrestling fans have taken a wait and see approach.  The fact remains that the rumors are unsubstantiated.  Even the sites who reported the rumor that SpikeTV has decided not to renew Impact won't stand behind their reports completely, and have even begun to backtrack a bit in recent days.  It's actually quite embarrassing, honestly.  Let me break it down for you, folks...nobody knows for sure how negotiations between TNA and SpikeTV will end or if they have ended.  I can assure you, if any wrestling site had a real scoop, it'd be plastered all over their front page as breaking bright flashing neon colors.  We do, however, know that SpikeTV and TNA are currently in on-going negotiations.  That's the only thing we know to be true at this time so please take anything you read on the dirtsheets with a grain of salt.  We will all know soon enough what the future holds for TNA so hang in there.

- Unfortunately, one thing that the insanity of the last few days has done is, it's forced TNA in a situation where they must now make an announcement as soon as possible otherwise they risk discouraging parts of their fanbase.  It will also be difficult to attract any free agents or re-sign their own talents until this issue is settled.

- But enough about that, let's now focus on tonight's Destination X, which will feature Lashley vs Austin Aries for the TNA world heavyweight championship, the Wolves vs the Hardy Boyz for the TNA tag team championships, and the three-way qualifiers for an opportunity to compete for the X Division championship.  The qualifiers are Manik vs Low Ki vs DJ Z, Sanada vs Crazzy Steve vs Brian Cage, and Tigre Uno vs Homicide vs Samoa Joe with the winners advancing to the championship match next week.  I'm definitely looking forward to this show as Destination X is one of my favorite events of the year.   The top two matches, I'm sure, will be Match of the Year candidates but I have a feeling that the three X Division qualifiers will be crowd pleasers.  Overall, this year's Destination X is shaping up to be the best in its history if you take into account the matches, plus the venue it's taking place in.  When TNA announced that they'd be taping Impact at the Manhattan Center in July, I immediately thought of Destination X and it gave me goosebumps.

- So Ezekiel Jackson and Snitsky joined Team Dixie last week and I have to admit, although I'm not a big fan of either wrestler, I find the fact that Dixie Carter is trolling the original ECW guys by bringing in the "real" ECW wrestlers quite amusing.  In fact, I think it's brilliant.  With that said, I don't think the two will become permanent members of the roster so I suggest you at least sit back and enjoy the angle for what it is.  The Bully Ray vs Team Dixie feud has been great fun and last week, TNA and Dixie Carter showed the wrestling world that maybe we do take wrestling a little too seriously.  We also saw that TNA has a sense of humor and that's quite rare in the wrestling industry these days.

- And lastly, the Impact tapings in New York City are coming up next week and there's already been a couple of good announcements.  Tajiri will be making his TNA debut, as part of the partnership with Wrestle-1.  Also making his debut is Chris Melendez, a former Army Sergeant who suffered a serious injury while serving his country in Afghanistan.  And Hardcore Justice will be taped on August 5th. TNA is teasing more surprises as we get closer to next week's tapings so the next week or so should be very exciting, especially for those of us who enjoy discussing them here or on social media.  I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for surprises, and TNA has definitely spoiled us in that regard.  I can't help but wonder though, can TNA outdo themselves?  I guess we'll find out.

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