24 July 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Jul 24, 2014

- I think it's safe to say that last week's Impact was a huge success from an entertainment standpoint.  I can't remember the last time I had so much fun watching a wrestling show.  At a time when so many in the internet wrestling community take wrestling much too seriously, here comes TNA with a fun-filled and wonderfully nostalgic two hours of television.  When TNA gets it right, they bring you back to your childhood when pro wrestling was appreciated for its entertainment value and not judged by how long a match lasts or which segment of the show the world champion appears in.  Unfortunately, the latter was created by "journalists" in the industry who felt they needed to manufacture an environment in which they were seen as superior than the common fan in order to convince them to pay for their work.  The reality is that these so-called wrestling journalists were wrestling fans, just like you and I, with the same credentials but they set out to change the way we all watch wrestling in order to make a profit.  Unfortunately, the result is what we see many wrestling fans who care more about show formats than simply sitting back and enjoying a wrestling show.  Pro wrestling is entertainment, folks,  always has been.  And luckily, we have a company in TNA that believes in making wrestling fun, and last week, TNA made wrestling fun again.

- Tonight, we have the reunion of the Hardy Boys and an appearance by the Great Muta to look forward to.  I mentioned this in a previous Randomania but TNA have found a formula that continues to deliver the goods and bringing in wrestling legends for a one-time appearance or a short stint is simply a brilliant strategy.  Last month, TNA essentially brought the Von Erich name back into the wrestling forefront and it resulted in good ticket sales and one of this year's most memorable moments.  No TNA fan will ever forget the Kevin Von Erich moment.  Last week, we saw the official reunion of Team 3D when Devon returned to support his former partner in his feud with the Carters.  It made for a wonderful moment for the live crowd and the viewers at home.  Real wrestling fans appreciate these moments.  Even more now, knowing that Team 3D's time in TNA is winding down.

- As many of you know, TNA announced the signing of Sanada to a one-year contract yesterday.  This, combined with his new look, would indicate to me that TNA are planning to push him in a major way.  Sanada has the wrestling skills to be a top star in American mainstream wrestling but his biggest weakness, however, is his inability to speak English.  In a genre that relies heavily on a wrestler's promo skills, Sanada's career in the U.S. will ultimately depend on TNA's ability to find creative ways to work around this.  Thus far, he's been the young disciplined protege of a Japanese legend whose ability to work in TNA is contingent upon him holding onto the X Division title.  Well, he lost the title to Austin Aries two weeks ago and tonight, the Great Muta will visit TNA.  It'll be interesting to see whether or not Muta forces Sanada to return to Japan and how James Storm will factor into it.  The Storm/Sanada segments have been some of the most intriguing in recent weeks so I hope the writers have a good storyline planned.

-  Speaking of Sanada's signing, as well as Tajiri's rumored appearance at the NYC tapings in August, I hope we can finally put to rest the ridiculous rumors that the working relationship between TNA and Wrestle-1 is anything but strong.  The two promotions seem to enjoy working with the other and it looks like the relationship is only getting stronger with this year's Bound for Glory taking place in Japan.  It's unfortunately another case of a particular "reporter" feeding made up stories to his subscribers to justify the monthly fee.  It's nonsense and it should be treated as such by TNA fans.

- And lastly, it appears that the TNA staff will learn about the company's next TV deal at the NYC tapings in August.  I have to wonder why management feels the need to inform the entire staff in person and not via email before they make an official announcement.  They could perhaps want to avoid any miscommunication but I suspect there's more to this than we know.  If this were simply another agreement between TNA and SpikeTV, I could see a mass email being an option.  But what if there was a second show in the works or occasional specials on Sunday nights?  Or what about a potential new deal with another network? These would, I imagine, require an all-staff meeting.  I could be wrong but TNA, like any company, most likely communicates with its staff via email.  But in this case, it appears that management prefers to speak to them in person.  Why exactly is that?

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