17 July 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Jul 17, 2014

- This week, I'd like begin with the much-anticipated return of the six-sided ring.  I won't discuss the pros or cons because I feel that everyone's had their say by now and I'd rather not beat a dead horse.  Everyone who reads my Randomania on a regular basis knows where I stand on that issue.  I'd rather describe the emotions that came over me when I attended the June 25th Impact tapings in New York City.  Knowing that TNA would be debuting the new six-sided ring with the Impact Wrestling colors at this particular show, I promised myself that I'd take a moment to truly take it all in when I walked into the Ballroom.  And I did.  I sat in my seat and I observed.  Luckily, I was in the front row so I got a nice close look.  What I saw was a ring that brought back so many amazing memories.  But more importantly, I saw a ring with a promising future.  Because this beautiful ring before me did not just represent the past but it also represented the next chapter in TNA's storied history.  The new ring, the one I saw in New York City, was a fitting compromise of the old school years and the new era that is upon us.  I even got a little emotional for a brief moment because I knew that I had just experienced something special.  It was a moment that will stay with me for a very long time.  Ten years from now, I might not remember everything that happened on July 25th, 2014...but I will remember that moment.

- I think it's safe to say that tonight's episode of Impact is a monumental one for many reasons but some are calling it a reset.  This is not reset.  The reset happened at Slammiversary.  Tonight's Impact is simply a continuation of a series of shows that have been some of the best shows we've seen from TNA in years.  There's a renewed focus on the wrestling aspect of the show, and combined with the hugely entertaining in-ring promos, it's made Impact must-watch television again.  I'd even say that Impact is currently the best wrestling show on television.  If you're a fan who may have stopped watching Impact for whatever reason, I strongly urge you to jump right back on to the bandwagon because the NYC shows will be amazing.  Since Slammiversary, we've seen several changes, including new champions, surprise returns, and a new Executive in charge.  The goings-on of the last month have all led us to this point...Impact Wrestling in New York City.  I wouldn't miss tonight's show, folks.

- Yesterday, it was announced that TNA world heavyweight champion Lashley has signed with Bellator and will fight at their show on September 5th against Josh Burns.  I said on Twitter that this a brilliant strategy by Spike to entice TNA fans to watch Bellator's show, which will air live on SpikeTV.  I certainly plan to watch it.  But what are the benefits for TNA?  The reality is that there's one huge benefit and it's not the possibility that Bellator fans will watch Impact.  I simply don't think that most MMA fans are interested in pro wrestling.  It's the possibility that Lashley absolutely annihilates his opponent, playing right into the TNA narrative that he is a beast...a destroyer, just one month prior to the Bound for Glory PPV in Japan.  As dominant as Lashley may look after wins against his colleagues in TNA, nothing comes across as more dominating than a MMA fighter knocking out another.  It's a brutal scene and one that could certainly pay dividends for TNA if it happens.  Conversely, there are some risks to this as well.  Obviously, the worst risk in my opinion would be a possible injury, once again, affecting the main event of TNA's biggest show of the year.  However, there's also the repercussions of a Lashley loss.  How would a loss affect Lashley's TNA title reign?  It's definitely something to think about.  This decision is not without its risks but honestly, I applaud TNA for taking chances.  This is a company that's going all in with the NYC tapings, BFG in Japan, and now this.  As a fan of TNA's, I respect the hell out of them right now because they continue to push the envelope in a way that other promotions would never.  How could you not respect that?

- And lastly, several months ago, we had exclusively reported that TNA were in talks with James Raideen of Pro Wrestling Zero1.  We have an update on that...our source has now informed us that the young New Zealand native who had been working in Japan has relocated to Florida.  This is an indication that he could join TNA at some point.  More to come...

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