28 July 2014

The Great Muta's Revenge

I've commented quite a bit recently on The Great Muta's involvement with TNA, but I don't think a lot of fans realized how stunning it would be until this last episode of IMPACT aired.  What a rare opportunity it is to have a Japanese legend of his stature on TNA's flagship TV show.  I felt like the segment with Muta (and Yasu), James Storm and Sanada was the show stealer last Thursday.  The Master of the Mist had such a grand entrance with his flashy wardrobe and 2 layers of masks.  The New York crowd was respectful and seemed to be in awe by what kind of presence The Great Muta exuded.  Even if you're a younger wrestling fan that never watched him in his younger days, it's not difficult to sense the prestige that Muta possesses.  The most impressive part of him appearing on the show was the fantastic way that he put over Sanada in a VERY effective heel turn.  This was all executed in a way that makes James Storm and Sanada automatically elevated heading into Bound For Glory in Tokyo.

This is one of the most unique and intriguing parts of having the biggest PPV of the year in Japan; they need to shape some of the storylines to garner attention from both the U.S. and Japanese audiences (along with the U.K., Canada and other international fan bases).  The focus right now is shifting more towards a Japanese appeal, which is savvy and logical.  The Wolves are going to be doing some big-time promotional work in Japan for Wrestle-1 (and the impending BFG) coming up at the end of August.  Tajari, and possibly other Wrestle-1 performers, are coming to NYC to be a part of the August TV tapings.  The Wrestle-1/TNA working relationship is strong, and I reject the notion of "problems between the 2 companies" originating from Meltzer and his band of misfit toys that has been insinuated.  The proof is in the pudding, and their negative slant on this 2 promotion collaboration is a perfect example of "grasping at straws".

There are reasons (some unknown) why The Great Muta is putting over TNA and making such a concerted effort to move the meter internationally.  Part of me wants to believe that he also sees the great potential in TNA that we all see.  Both Wrestle-1 and TNA are working hard to gain product awareness and popularity in their respective markets.  It is what's best for business for both entities.  It's become increasingly  more evident that Muta believes in Sanada, as the younger Japanese star has blossomed and evolved before our very eyes.  His newer (more serious) look fits him so well.  I doubt he'll be "The Star of The Spin Cycle" going forward as he'll be too busy causing havoc with that Evil Cowboy.  No more funny and cutesy Sanada.  This is going to be the dangerous, dark Sanada that seeks to destroy his mentor.  Don't underestimate Muta giving Sanada this kind of spot.  Muta is also going to be seeking out revenge for being wronged and embarrassed.  I can't wait to see his backstage response (this upcoming week) to being back-stabbed last Thursday.  A great wrestling mind, like this, that runs his own company has the proper judgment to recognize who (on his roster) needs to be in that kind of cross-over star position.  The ball has been given to the young protégé Sanada.  Now let's see if he can run with it and spike the ball in the end zone in celebration with his new, sinister partner in crime.    

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