27 July 2014

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Jul 24, 2014

The show got off to a really HOT start with Bobby Roode VS MVP in a Falls Count Anywhere match.  The spot out in the crowd where Roode threw MVP onto the chairs was a pretty cool way to integrate the LIVE audience into the show even more.  I didn't have a problem with the It Factor using the Sharpshooter as his finisher but I suspect (like others) that if MVP's knee wasn't hurt that Roode could have been less careful about applying the submission maneuver.  The show continued to stay must-see as Jeff and Matt Hardy had a memorable in-ring promo.  Matt is back and has really proven himself this time.  The moment with The Wolves coming face-to-face with The Hardy Boyz when they agreed on their Destination X Tag Team Title match was very special.  Low-Ki VS DJ Z kept the ball rolling as this show was non-stop fun for the whole 2 hours.  I'm SUPER glad to see Low-Ki back and he exhibited his stiff, unique style in this X-Division match, pulling out the W. 

I think it's hilarious that Mr. Anderson refuses to accept Samuel Shaw's rehab and repentance as genuine.  Eventually Samuel is going to show his true colors again.  The Gunner/Anderson VS Bram/Magnus match was fine while it lasted.  Then we got subsequent run-ins from Samuel (who protected Gunner) and Abyss who went after Bram.  More storyline progression than anything else here.  I suspect that Bram and Abyss may meet at HardCore Justice but that's simply a guess.  The Aries/Angle/Lashley/MVP segment was very well done.  Austin introduced the new "Option D" (and most people are hoping it comes to fruition regardless) which should elevate the X-Division.  Good to see Austin Aries inserted in a World Title match at Destination X again.  It's an exciting time to be a TNA fan going into next Thursday!

Gail VS Taryn was cut short by The Beautiful People interference but it's probably for the best as Taryn is still working out her ring rust (and adjusting to the 6 sided ring) a bit.  I have a POV posting on Monday about the Great Muta/Storm/Sanada situation so I won't go into that much here.  Needless to say, I thought it was amazing and stole the show in my opinion.  The 6 man Street Fight with Dixie & King Mo in the balcony was really fun.  Great work from all 6 competitors and Spud really took some vicious bumps here.  Really good hardcore match which then morphed into the appearance of Snitsky and Big Zeke joining Team Dixie.  It was a chaotic scene but it came off well.  Not really enthralled with either guy but I'm willing to see how it plays out.  The heels were dominant in this episode, which I do like to see as a necessary change-up. 

Favorite Moment  - The Sanada heel turn was my personal favorite.

Least Favorite Moment - I really like Taryn, and she'll be fine, but she got a little overwhelmed with the six-sided ring on this show.

MVP of the Night - I will choose Austin Aries.  It was yet another innovation with Option D and he showed again how he is simply a master on the mic.

Grade - This was just as good as last week, and I will again award it a SOLID A.

Good start to the show getting straight into the action with MVP vs Booby Roode in the falls count anywhere match. To say MVP was hurt the match was pretty good, much respect to both men delivering, even MVP praised Roode on Twitter for being that good he can work around an injury and pull off a solid match. Was nice to see Matt Hardy back and looking well, you have to respect how both Hardy's have changed their lives the last few years and gotten themselves back on the straight and narrow. The Wolves/Hardys face off was a very cool and special moment, and their match next week should be a joy to watch. Very good to see Low-Ki back, the guy adds a lot to both the X Division and the roster as a whole, fun short match with DJ Z that saw Ki win on his return and make the landscape of the X Division very interesting going into Destination X now that the World Warrior is back.

The tension is really starting to show between Anderson & Gunner, Anderson really doesn't know why Gunner is helping Samuel out, while Gunner doesn't think he's in the wrong by doing a good deed. The tag match with them vs Bram & Magnus was a good match, Samuel sacrifices himself to save Gunner, then Abyss comes out after Bram, the vibe I'm getting is Abyss and Bram are going to split off into a feud, the question is what role will Magnus play and will Abyss have someone to neutralise him. Great Promo from Aries to set up the World Title match at Destination X, I like what he was saying with Option D, however I'd like to see the Division elevated to the same level as the World Title, it has the history and can have the competitor's to deliver main event quality matches like it has in the past, and I'd much rather see it like that than a stepping stone to the World Title.

I wondered why Gail vs Taryn 3 had such little hype going into Thursday, and I got my answer. TBP do a run in and beat down to cut the match short, my guess is were going to have these two teams feud to get TBP out of the picture, then go into the Gail vs Taryn rubber match. Very surprising moment with Sanada turning heel on Muta, Storm really is becoming the evil heel by poisoning the mind of Sanada and making him take out the reason he is where he is. The whistle at the start of Storm's music is great, and I really think by the end of the year if TNA let him, Storm will be the company's top/most hated heel. A very good hardcore 6-Man main event with the surprise of Snitsky & Big Zeke joining Team Dixie. I'm not crazy about either, but the fact these two are former wwECW guys that Dixie has brought in to troll the ECW originals and fans is great, without a doubt diehard fans of ECW at the show and watching at home must now despise Dixie for doing that.

Favorite Moment - Sanada turning heel was pretty surprising, and seeing Storm in this segment shine as a dastardly heel put a smile on my face.

Least Favorite Moment - I wasn't happy seeing Snitsky show up, however I can put up with him due to him being there to troll us with his wwECW past.

MVP of the Night - I thought Aries delivered a great promo and hyped the match next week very well, and I don't doubt that Aries vs Lashley will be great next week.

Grade - The show once again was of a high standard, continuing the shows 6 week run of great episodes, once again I believe this show earned an A grade for sure.

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