16 July 2014

#BritishBootcamp2: Maintaining the Momentum

If you need an example of the positive power of social media in modern day professional wrestling, then you need look no further than the announcement made by TNA at London's Film and Comic Con this past Saturday.  ChallengeTV had already revealed that a second season of British Bootcamp was going to be filmed this Autumn, but it was the announcement from Jeremy Borash that the competitors had not yet been chosen that had people buzzing and #BritishBootcamp2 trending on Twitter.

For the next few hours, my timeline was lit up by wrestling fans tweeting the names of their favourite British performers and those they felt deserved a place in Bootcamp.  More impressive was the fact that these tweets were not only localised to the UK, they were appearing from all over the world; British wrestlers receiving name recognition amongst TNA's global fanbase.

Quite honestly, I cannot think of a time when British wrestling and its stars were highlighted in such a prolific way on the World stage.

Much like the recent vote on whether TNA should return to the 6-sided ring, there is a real sense that TNA fans will have their say in how this season of Bootcamp will shape up as Jeremy Borash, Dixie Carter and even Rockstar Spud invited us to tweet the names of our favourite British stars.

I would urge all TNA fans that have an interest in Bootcamp to continue this momentum over the coming weeks, and to continue tweeting Jeremy Borash or any of the other announced Bootcamp judges the names of the wrestlers they would like to take part in the next season.  Unlike the USA, the UK does not have one dominant wrestling promotion that talent scouts can look to for potential talent.  UK talent travel the length and breadth of the country competing in a multitude of organisations, so without the support of us fans it is easy to imagine that a potential star could be overlooked by those in charge of recruiting for Bootcamp.

The next few weeks are going to be crucial in deciding who will be invited to the Bootcamp auditions, so please make your voice heard.  I am not for one moment suggesting that a fraction of the names mentioned on Twitter will appear on the show, but maybe that tweet you send, or that video you post might persuade the judges to give that talent a second look.  Or indeed it might persuade one of your favourite stars to step up and make their application to Bootcamp in the first place.

After all, the winner of British Bootcamp 2 will receive a full time contract with TNA so why not have your say in who you would like to see appearing on your screens?


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