21 July 2014

Behind The Curtain: Q&A Volume VI

Ladies & Gentlemen welcome to the 6th edition of the Behind The Curtain Q&A series. In this offering we'll cover such topic's as Bound For Glory in Japan, the face of TNA, several names that could possibly join TNA, the amount of announcements & surprises in recent weeks and much more. Thanks in advance to those who submitted questions, and now with the intro out of the way, lets get to my answers.

Thecountofincognito Asks: I read that Prince Nana was backstage at the Friday NYC taping. If TNA happened to sign him, who would you like to see him manage?

I think if TNA were to bring him in, there would be two ways to use him. The first option would be to pair him with one of TNA's international talents. If Sanada or Tigre Uno had a mouth piece, I think fans would have more of a connection with them, and seeing as neither are fluent in English, Nana would be the way round the language barrier. The other way I could see him being used is with Lashley, eventually MVP, King & Lashley will split, and I think Lashley as a heel is a good fit for him, the only issue is his promos. He isn't the best talker, and his soft spoken voice doesn't fit his jacked up body, but if you bring in Nana to cut some great heel promo's for Lashley, and let Lashley do his talking in the ring, I think that would be a successful pairing.

Henry Jones Asks: At first I was excited about TNA doing BFG in Japan, but then I started to think it could be a mistake, as Japan crowds tend to be quiet and reserved. Seeing the spoilers, TNA could put on a kick ass PPV, but in front of a dead crowd it means nothing. Do you think this could backfire on TNA?

I know where your coming from, but I doubt it will backfire. Yes Japanese crowds are quieter than U.S. Crowds, so the atmosphere of the event will be a little different, but the crowd won't be dead, they pop for big moves and spots, and with TNA putting on some solid matches recently, if the line-up is a loaded wrestling card, they will get the most out of the Japanese crowd who very much appreciate great wrestling. If you want to see first hand what it will be like, I'd suggest watching the recent One Night Only: Global Impact Japan PPV, that way you can see what reactions the TNA stars and matches will get in-front of a Japanese audience.

Kyle Williamson Asks: Do you think TNA should start doing loops around the world which include UK, Dallas, Salt Lake City, NYC, Japan, Canada, and repeat.

It would be awesome if they did, however I think that won't happen due to finances. I think if TNA get to all of the locations you mentioned excluding NYC & Japan at least once a year, that would be good enough. The fact its been so long since TNA were in Canada boggles my mind, because the deserve at very least a visit each and every year. NYC should become TNA's home base, with them visiting there several times a year. As for Japan, the smart thing would be to keep doing these joint shows with Wrestle-1, not only does it take a lot of work/pressure off of TNA's shoulders when it comes to promoting the events, but it also keeps a very good relationship going with Wrestle-1 by regularly working with them and helping them draw by using the TNA brand.

Pjs88 Asks: I love all of the announcements/surprises, but do you think they're doing too much too fast? I worry that they're unloading all of their ammo now, or is there even more to come?

I think there is more to come, after what I've seen/read over the past month, I wondered why It took so long for TNA to deliver this after months of hits & misses, and I think its because they've been planning all these different things for months and were now just starting to see it unfold. I can see why anyone would be worried that they are going to run out of idea/surprises fast, but I have faith that this is the plan and more things are in the works to continue the role they are currently on.

Has Asks: Do you think TNA should consider using pyro again? What are the pros and cons?

I honestly don't miss the pyro one bit, it was said they got rid of it to cut some costs, and that the smoke from the pyro was effecting the look of the show on TV, so they would be the cons. The pro's would be it would make the big 3 PPV's feel more special and bigger, but other than that I don't see any other reason for them to bring it back full time, at first I missed it, but now, I really don't mind it not being there any more.

Corwin Brown Asks: With all this talk about TNA and Spike TV negotiations, I was thinking while watching Impact , How great it would be if TNA gets moved to Showtime? Do you think Pro Wrestling fans would pay extra to see TNA on pay TV? I think TNA could be amazing on Showtime, commercial free, No restrictions. More characters on screen, More matches and longer matches. I feel Pro Wrestling has out grown commercial TV, What do you think?

I can't really give you an answer about Showtime, because as a Brit I'm not sure what sort of platform Showtime could be for TNA as opposed to Spike. My feeling right now is that if they haven't already, TNA & Spike are pretty close to agreeing a renewal. Yes less commercials would let TNA get more out of their 2 hour slot, but commercials are a key factor into how much a TV show gets paid by the network, so financially less or no commercials would probably hurt TNA. I think the solution to “not enough time for Wrestling on TV” problem is PPV, if TNA were to get rid of that distinction between TV & PPV with commercials so they could run 2 hours straight, I'd think the PPV business would be pretty much done for TNA. So personally, I think the Wrestling on TV formula still works. I also think that being on a pay channel would hurt TNA's audience, so being on a channel like Spike helps them reach a larger audience.

Sturginho Asks: Do you think Drew Galloway would be a good signing?

I think he could be a good addition. Now before people hate on me and give me the rundown of his past work in WWE (3MB) and write him off for it, I will say this, after seeing the likes of EC3, Bram, Taryn Terrell and so on come into TNA and show a whole new side to themselves, I no longer write anyone off because of their past work in the E. Drew can work in the ring, and he has experience working with some of the biggest names in the business, the key thing to mention is we haven't see everything for him, so there's a realistic possibility that he can re-invent himself and show us a whole new side to him. I'm not leading the bandwagon for him to get a job in TNA, but I'm not against him getting a chance.

Aquaqueen21 Asks: Well its about TNA doing BFG in Japan. Do you think the PPV would succeed? What if the crowd is not into the matches and they are quiet throughout the whole show?

I think it will be successful. The Japanese love wrestling, and with the roster TNA has right now, they can deliver a solid card of good to great wrestling for those fans, after everything thats been said on the internet, some people seem to think the Japanese are silent throughout the matches, and might clap if it was good at the end, there not, they might not chant during a rest hold, but when somebody does an impressive move, just like us, they react and they make noise about it. I should also note that the fans in attendance will know what to expect, they'll be either TNA fans or Wrestle-1 fans that have seen the stars of TNA before, so it won't be crowd that have no idea who these guys are or what to expect, they will know what to expect and they will react to it.

Kyle Williamson Asks: Do you think TNA needs a face for the company or do you think they have one already in Bully Ray.

I honestly don't think a set “face” for a promotion is necessary, in my opinion the face of a company is the World Champion, when someone is in that position, they should be the first name on a press release, the first face you see on a poster and the main representative for the company in the media. It shouldn't be one guy who is dubbed the face of the company regardless of their position on the card, your star guy is your top guy, the face of Boxing is Floyd Maywhether, the face of the UFC is Jon Jones, and why is that? Because they are Champion's, and in both cases they are not the only champion's in their sport/promotion, but out of all of them, they are the most successful. In TNA's case, while Bully Ray is a known face and a good spokesman, by default Lashley is TNA's face right now, and until he loses the belt, he will continue to play that role. 

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