02 July 2014

TNA's Eventful Week: A Retrospective

It's been quite an eventful week for TNA and its fans with numerous announcements and happenings so I thought I'd do a recap and give my brief thoughts since we didn't get a chance to discuss them.  Firstly, Dixie Carter and The Great Muta announced during a press conference last week that this year's Bound for Glory will take place in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday, October 12th.  This is huge news.  TNA are taking a risk but one that's worth taking because the reward is monumental.  I'm sure TNA will be relying on Muta quite a bit with promotions so I'm confident that ticket sales will not be an issue.  However, whether or not the PPV airs live in the United States is still a concern so hopefully we'll hear something soon about that.

TNA will be making a "major announcement" at this year's London Film and Comic Con on July 12th and although there's been speculation that the announcement could be a PPV in the UK, I think it's going to be a second season of British Bootcamp, most likely with more competitors this time.  I'm hearing names like Noam Dar and Grado could be part of the cast so that's something to keep an eye on. Incidentally, PWInsider has reported that the announcement will be a new TV show in the UK.

The next WRESTLE-1 live event, Shogeki: IMPACT, will be held on Sunday, July 6th and it will feature a few TNA wrestlers.  The TNA tag team champions Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards will defend their titles against the Junior Stars, Koji Kanemoto and Minoru Tanaka.  Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud will take on the newly signed Tajiri and Yusuke Kodama.  And X Division champion Sanada will battle his mentor, the Great Muta.  This is easily the best partnership that TNA has had with another promotion and its one in which the two promotions have consistently found ways to work with one another. It's good to see.

James Long, better known as Paredyse from Ohio Valley Wrestling, announced on his Facebook account that he has been hired by TNA as a producer.  I don't know exactly what his job description is so I won't speculate on what he'll be responsible for but I do know that Long is a creative fellow so I have to think that he will helpful in the capacity in which TNA uses him.

One of the more interesting moments from my night at the Impact tapings last Wednesday was when we spotted recently released WWE announcer Josh Matthews in the hallway.  It was a surreal moment as he wasn't someone I was expecting to see that night.  The question is, what exactly was he doing there?  Could he be someone TNA would bring in to do some announcing?  I've always liked Matthews as an announcer and I think he has the sort of youthful exuberance that can help the television product.

And lastly, John Gaburick announced three X Division wrestlers making their return at the NYC tapings last week - Low Ki, Homicide, and Brian Cage.  From what I understand, Low Ki will be remaining with the company after the tapings on a permanent basis, while Cage will not.  Homicide is an interesting case as it appears that TNA plan to use him down the road but there's no word on whether or not he will be a permanent member of the roster.

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