25 July 2014

A New Option

It’s always good to have options. Thus the case of Austin Aries who yet again recently won the X Division Title with the option to cash it in to for a chance to win the World Heavyweight Title against Bobby Lashley. As most of you know this isn’t Aries' first time going down this road. In fact in 2012 Aries was the first ever to cash in the X Division Title at a chance for the World Title. Not only did he cash it in but he won against Bobby Roode. Will he do it again this time against Lashley? We will find out very soon.

There is no doubt in my mind that this match will be great (pun intended). Aries and Lashley will give it their all in the ring. Beyond how awesome this match will be let’s look further than that. The spotlight will be on the X Division. How so you ask? Aries is the X Division Champion. As he said in his promo he cashed it in the first time because he believes in the X Division. I won’t quote his promo I’ll just let you hear it for yourself.

Promo begins at the 3:27 mark.

I found it very interesting what Aries said he was going to do “when” he becomes TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Option D will be created. He will be a fighting Champion, leveling the playing field, and going to give the X Division Champion a Title shot at any time and any place. Not just once a year. To me that speaks volumes. To me it says that TNA has heard the fans and is rebuilding the X Division.

Not just by signing more potential X Division talent which trust me it is needed but also putting more emphases on what it means to be an X Division Champion. You have to be the best of the best. The X Division was the bread and butter of the company for many years. So while the company continues to move forward this is a way to get back to what made it great in a new light. This will also put added emphasis on being the World Champion as now you would really have to be aware of who is the X Division Champ as they could challenge at any time rather than only once a year. As has been said, “The atmosphere is about to change”. This would certainly change things.

This all stems on Austin Aries becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. If it happens then we are in for what I believe will be an exciting time for us fans. Feel free to share your thoughts on what you think happens either way. Maybe you see it an entirely different way than I did. If so let me hear it. This should create some great conversation until Destination X when all will be revealed.

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