02 June 2014

TNA's Rebuild is About to Have a Growth Spurt

Since I am a sports fan, I can't help myself from making the natural comparison between what TNA is currently experiencing at the moment and a rebuilding NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL or major league football (soccer for us naive Americans) team.  I mean it just makes sense.  Since TNA has a similar number of roster members in relation to the number of NFL players you'd actually see get into a regular season game, let's go that route.  It also helps that I played the game (not to go all Uncle Rico on you) and understand American Football very well.  Don't confuse me for some dumb ex-jock that has brain damage (which I probably do actually) and can't string together a few sentences.  I think my past writing speaks for itself.  I still have a few brain cells left and I intend to use them until I have absolutely nothing left to say.  Maybe when that day comes there will be a segment of people out there that will secretly revel in my departure as I slink back into the shadows.  However, today is not that day. 

For a long-time, AJ Styles was the quarterback of TNA.  There were certain wrestlers who were star running backs, important offensive lineman and game-changing defensive ends.  Those ex-TNA greats have moved on to greener pastures.  The reality was that their time in TNA was simply over, just like great players in the NFL that reach the end of their careers or the end of a contract with their team.  To some, these players leaving also signaled the end of their TNA fandom.  It has been a divisive and controversial thing for some fans to comprehend.  Is TNA going to be OK?  Yes, yes they are.  A new quarterback is emerging.  They are replacing their offensive line and other key positions.  For now, during this difficult time, take solace in a place like TNAMecca that doesn't replay the paranoia and rhetoric of the IWC.  There is just so much TNA stigma out there that people are eating up like a morbidly obese man gorging himself at McDonalds.  "Can I get 2 Big Macs, a large fry with ketchup and a 10 piece nugget and chocolate shake and a side of TNA-is-dying with some TNAwful sauce and also a "morale-is-low" Diet Coke to wash it down?".  Keep eating that bullshit.  Shove it down your throat fatty.  Make sure there's nothing left.  I wouldn't want you to miss a morsel of misinformation and saturated garbage.  Just like the movie "Super-Size Me", a lot of people right now are on a 30-day straight feeding of this fast-food, poisoning narrative.  But there is hope yet.  It does exist, as much as these trolls would like to snuff out our optimism and hope for TNA's future.  Why do we stand beside this company and aspire for IMPACT Wrestling to have better days?  For me, part of it is that I know that things are going to get better than they are right now.  TNA is going to bounce back and they are already well on their way to doing just that. 

This growth spurt is going to happen in New York City.  Not to be corny but they do say that "if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere".  Hardcore TNA fans like us already knew the shows would be special from the day that the June dates were announced, and now they've began to reveal special surprises to let everyone else in on the secret.  They've currently announced that the Great Muta will be at the June 25th taping.  That in itself should bring some pro-wrestling purists out to see this Japanese Legend.  According to reports, the Great Muta has never appeared or wrestled on TV in New York City.  If indeed that is true then that alone is HUGE!  Then we get the confirmation/announcement of Destination X taking place at the June 26th taping.  There could not be a more perfect audience for that type of event to take place in front of.  Of course there will be appearances from ex-TNA X-Division wrestlers, a return of at least one current TNA X-Division wrestler that has been on the shelve, and several wild-card wrestlers that we can speculate about for the next 3 weeks.  We can also count on something special being announced for the June 27th taping at some point in the near future (probably next week).  They have people talking about these shows, no doubt about it.

The ironic (and somewhat predictable) thing is that a lot of people have already written these shows off before they're even close to taking place.  Whether it's smarks unfairly ripping on the current ticket sales, or anti-TNA people threatening that the "Fuck TNA" chants will happen, or delusional cheap-asses tweeting to TNA to give them free tickets (or even pay them) as a stipulation for them to attend......seriously......despite all of that crap these shows are going to go on and be very successful and profitable.  They have to be and they will be.  I'm so glad that my plea for TNA "to go all in" has now began to be answered.  I knew they had some tricks up their sleeve.  Why wouldn't they when they are heading into 6 major pro-wrestling events in the toughest market in the United States?  With everything that has happened in the last 7 months in TNA, you have to give them credit for staying true to their vision.  Now the dividends of their investment in new talent and a clear-cut direction are going to start to come in.  It makes me downright giddy to think about all the possibilities that could happen at these June and August NYC tapings. 

Lastly, I'd like to pay homage to our readers and commenters.  You guys are the best.  We genuinely appreciate your enthusiasm and support of TNAMecca.  Our Saturday Night Chat has become the most popular TNA discussion on the net in the last month and all of the credit goes to you.  You are the ones that make this community what it is.  Without you, we are nothing.  We may not always agree on everything but that is a good thing.  We cannot thank you all enough for the way you have embraced TNAMecca in the last 10 months.  Our growth has been amazing and it has totally exceeded our expectations.  I know for a fact that TNA wrestlers and other employees read this site.  You are helping TNA to have instant feedback on the current product with your comments and poll voting.  The whole concept of TNA being truly hands-on and fan-friendly with its fans though social media, live events, TV tapings, PPV's and even this site is pretty damn cool.  By the time the Fall of 2014 comes around, we will know exactly what this new version of TNA is capable of.  This summer is THAT big.  The painful part of the growth spurt has been the last 7 months.  Soon it will be time for the average pro-wrestling fan to look at TNA and naturally/objectively say, "Wow, look at TNA now!" or "I'm going to give TNA another chance".  How much taller will TNA get with this growth spurt?  You tell me.  

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