05 June 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Jun 5, 2014

- This week, I'd like to begin with the lack of matches announced for the Slammiversary PPV, which is less than two weeks away.  There have been two matches announced - Eric Young vs MVP for the TNA world title and Bully Ray vs Ethan Carter III.  We have since learned that the world title match might be changed due to MVP's apparent injury but I'll get to that in a moment.  A third match was sort of announced last week when we learned that the Von Erichs will wrestle at Slammiversary against an undisclosed opponent.  So as it stands now, this PPV is in a state of flux.  One week prior to the go-home show, there's technically no concrete line-up for the show nor we do know if the main event will go on as planned.  With all that said, I'm finding this rather exciting.  Oftentimes, the build of a PPV can be predictable and a bit mundane.  But here, we have a situation where fans are forced to put together the pieces of the puzzle.  Those pieces are the wrestlers and that puzzle is the Slammiversary line-up.  Other than Bully Ray and EC3, every other wrestler on the Impact Wrestling roster is without a definite opponent at this moment.  So tonight's show will be interesting in the sense that we should begin to get some idea of what the card on June 15th will look like.

- A few days ago, it was reported that MVP may have injured his knee during a match in the UK.  I don't want to speculate on how serious his injury is as we simply do not know and TNA has not made any sort of announcement on the matter.  I imagine TNA don't want to comment on MVP's status as there are two more episodes remaining until the PPV.  Any announcement now would essentially render anything that happens on Impact useless.  So we will all have to wait until June 15th to see how TNA resolves this issue.  I will say this however...I would not be totally against TNA changing up the main event.  I don't think a King of the Mountain match is an option but if MVP were unable to perform, there are a number of wrestlers I'd like to see replace him.  The man on top of the list?  Samoa Joe.

- For the last few days, we have been speculating on which tag team would challenge the Wolves at Slammiversary and the Young Bucks seemed to be one team mentioned often.  Well, we can cross them off the list as Nick Jackson announced on his Twitter the other day that the Young Bucks have re-signed with New Japan Pro Wrestling.  No word, however, on how long their contract lasts.  I was a bit disappointed by this news simply because I genuinely felt that the Young Bucks returning to TNA was a strong possibility.  So who will the Wolves wrestle at Slammiversary?

- TNA announced this week that Destination X will be taped on June 26th at the Manhattan Center and I couldn't be happier.  The thought of one of my favorite PPVs taking place in one of the most exciting venues in the country is making me downright giddy.  I'm not sure how TNA plan to book the show this year but I would like to see something similar to the format they implemented in 2011, where there were four three-way matches with the winners advancing to Destination X in a four-way to determine who earns a TNA contract.  It's a formula that worked very well as evidenced by the fact that the winner was Austin Aries, and it produced one of the best matches in TNA history.  Austin Aries vs Low Ki vs Zema Ion vs Jack Evans was a pro wrestling fan's wet dream.  So with that in mind, we will be posting a poll to determine which X Division-style wrestlers (past, current, or future) that TNAMecca members want to see participate this year so please be sure to name your three favorites in the comments section below.  My three choices are AR Fox, Ricochet, and Rich Swann.

- As far as wrestlers that I do not want to see wrestle at Destination X, Rockstar Spud is one.  Don't get me wrong, I adore Spud but he should be nowhere near this PPV, at least inside the ring.  For one, he's been booked as a non-factor wrestling-wise since December so it makes little sense to put him in the ring in this particular event.  And secondly, the less humor in Destination X, the better.  We saw during last year's Destination X, in which the match Spud competed in was mired in silly comedy when the PPV's theme is anything but.  So please, no Rockstar Spud.

- And lastly, Mike Johnson of PWInsider wrote an interesting article recently about the NYC shows becoming the rebirth of TNA.  Although I found the part in which he uses NXT as a possible template for TNA's future rather ridiculous, I thought the overall premise of his piece was spot on.  I think TNA far too often tries to pay homage to old school wrestling that they tend to sometimes neglect the future.  TNA should be a promotion that embraces new ideas and a progressive vision, and I'm not talking about concepts such as #IMPACT365 but rather their dated booking philosophy.  TNA has a chance to go into NYC and truly begin a new era, one that revolutionizes the very industry.  I don't know why TNA insists on taking steps back in their creative process but they have gone back to old habits repeatedly during their short history.  It seems like they recycle the same stories and angles every year with different characters and quite frankly, it can get a bit old to some.  I enjoy the TNA product and currently, I think they're headed in the right direction but I think Dixie Carter, John Gaburick, and company are doing a huge disservice to themselves and their fans if they don't go into NYC and produce the best damn shows they've ever produced.  It's time.  It's time to start focusing on the things that will make TNA stand out - the athleticism of its wrestlers, the brutality of hardcore matches, the edginess of an adult-themed show, and feuds and angles that are fresh and compelling.  TNA can do this.  In fact, they have to do this...because, let's be honest, this might be one of the last chances they have to regain the viewers and fans they've lost in recent months.  A friend of mine recently mentioned to me that TNA is in a tough spot...they're having difficulty selling tickets or drawing large crowds because 1) they have no huge stars like Hulk Hogan and Sting so they don't attract the mega-casual fans anymore and 2) they've alienated much of the indie/pro wrestling fans by focusing on a more storyline-driven product.  This essentially leaves them with very little room to grow.  I thought about it and I genuinely believe that TNA needs to begin the process of regaining the pro wrestling fans by catering to them.  They can do this by once again giving the X Division some much needed attention and return the division to its glory days with the fast paced high-flying action of the past.  And they can start at Destination X in New York City, a show that I guarantee every single wrestling fan will be paying attention to.

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