26 June 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Jun 26, 2014

- I'd like to apologize for posting this week's Randomania a bit late but as many of you know, I attended last night's Impact tapings at the Grand Ballroom.  In any case, I'll begin this week with my first live TNA experience last night that included both a meet & greet and live show.  I had heard great things about TNA's meet & greet so being that it was my first time experiencing it, I decided that I would try it out.  It was pricey at $350 for two tickets but I was sure that it'd be well worth it.  Unfortunately, it was a huge disappointment. Firstly, the entire process lasted maybe 15-20 minutes.  There were 20 VIP tickets available but I'd say that about 15 of them were at the event.  As a group, we were escorted into a tiny room.  A few moments later, Jeff Hardy and the Beautiful People arrived, took a seat, and proceeded to sign autographs.  It was the most uneventful autograph signing that I have ever been to.  I even commented at some point that it felt like we were all at a funeral.  One by one, we approached the TNA stars, they signed our merch and we returned to our spots in the confined space.  Immediately after, we were told we could take photos with the wrestlers. However, for some reason, when it was my turn for a photo op, I was told that the photo session was over and Hardy, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky all left the meet & greet.  So that's basically what a VIP ticket for a TNA event got me.  Suffice it to say, I was left rather unimpressed.

- However, I wasn't about to let that experience affect the rest of my night as there was a show to watch.  I won't go into too much detail as to not give away any spoilers but this part of the evening was a huge success.  It was three and a half hours of non-stop action, minus the brief interludes in which Jeremy Borash entertained the crowd.  I must say, what Borash does for this company is simply invaluable.  The man is truly the glue of these live shows and quite frankly, the MVP of the night.  The TNA and wrestling-savvy crowd was fantastic for the most part as they were loud and active.  However, there were instances when a portion or two tried to get themselves over with random chants but they were quickly drowned out by the real TNA fans.  In one particularly funny moment, Borash, who had been picking the loudest fans to go backstage all night, explained to the smarks that they'd be penalized for trying to "get themselves over".  Overall, I had a blast.  I chanted.  I cheered.  I booed.  I laughed.  It was a wonderful night.

- As for tonight's episode of Impact, it will be a bit jarring having to essentially go back in time but I'm still looking forward to the show.  It will be the first one for Bobby Lashley as world champion so it'll be interesting to see how the writers script the next chapter of his TNA career.  TNA are also advertising a Monster's Ball match between Willow & Abyss and Bram & Magnus so that should be fun.  There's also some news about a possible major announcement by the TNA Board of Directors for tonight's show so that's something to look for.  I suspect that it has to do with MVP's status and his issues of abuse of power.  The Board might have to step in and end his tyranny.

- Yesterday, TNA announced that this year's Bound for Glory will take place in Tokyo, Japan on October 12th.  I mentioned it when I posted this news on TNAMecca yesterday but I am genuinely shocked by this development.  The logistics for planning a PPV in a foreign country are extremely complicated so I'm curious to see how TNA pull this off.  It's a risky move as TNA is relying on a fanbase that isn't as familiar of their product to fill up a 2,000-seat venue.  I suppose this is where the Great Muta's involvement comes in.  Not surprisingly, however, some have criticized this decision.  Some have even called it a bad idea.  Let me be clear about this...if you're not excited about this PPV strictly based on this announcement, then you're not a TNA fan.  You might not even be a wrestling fan.  But I'm sure you think you are because you watch and love the WWE...the real alternative for faux-wrestling fans.

- And lastly, based on what I witnessed last night and some of the spoilers I read from the Bethlehem shows, I'm really liking the direction that TNA is going in.  The current roster is as good as it's ever been with a great mix of veterans and young stars, homegrown talent and newcomers, and even some international flavor.  And at last night's show, the roster improved.  That's all I will say.  It also seems the company will focus more on wrestling and old school tactics that make the genre so much fun to follow.  It's never a bad thing to show respect for the past and I think TNA does that as well as any wrestling promotion these days.  I think as a company, you have to look to the future but it means very little if you have a lack of respect for the past.  I encourage you to think about this the next time a Tommy Dreamer appears on your TV.  Instead of being so quick to rid the company and the industry of these wonderful legends, try to sit back and truly appreciate them for what they've meant to pro wrestling.  Because if you can't do that, I have to wonder, how deep is your connection to this sport?

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