18 June 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Jun 19, 2014

- Before I begin this week, I shared with you some thoughts on the Slammiversary PPV in a POV on Monday and unfortunately some of you might've missed it due to all the TNA news recently.  It isn't a review per se but simply my thoughts on the show overall and its impact on the company going forward. In any case, if you haven't checked it out, make sure you do as I think it's important that TNA is given the credit they deserve for producing a really good show last Sunday.

- Speaking of going forward, TNA has given fans the opportunity to vote for which ring they'd like to see the company use, starting at the Impact tapings in New York City.  I've been quite clear that I voted for six sides because I feel that the six-sided ring is part of TNA's identity, one that sets them apart from every other wrestling promotion in the United States.  I realize that some have expressed their concern about the wrestlers' safety and quite frankly, I think it's an issue that's overblown simply because it's not a safety issue but one that involves wear and tear on a wrestler's body.  There's absolutely no evidence that the six-sided ring is responsible for more injuries than the traditional four-sided ring.  As for normal wear and tear, it's quite possible that a wrestler does experience more of it due to the six-sided ring but again, we really don't know.  In any case, this is a debate I don't care to have because it is not my responsibility to keep wrestlers safe.  It is the responsibility of TNA and its staff.  I simply voted for the ring that I want to see every Thursday night on Impact.

- Tonight's episode of Impact is significant because it is the first live show since April 10th.  Coming out of Slammiversary, it will be interesting to see how the writers proceed, particularly in the world title scene.  Eric Young is scheduled to defend his title tonight against an unknown opponent.  I'm curious to see whether or not Eric Young remains the champion through Bound for Glory or if the writers have other plans.  I think it's safe to say that if there is a title change planned, it will take place at the NYC tapings.  There is a long list of deserving wrestlers who should receive a world title shot, but I think Austin Aries deserves one more shot before we move on to new challengers.  Hopefully, he gets booked for tonight's world title match.  A case can be made, however, for any of the following: Bobby Lashley, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Gunner, and MVP.

- Other developments to look for...the Bound for Glory Series.  We haven't heard anything from TNA on the matter but we should hear something soon.  If I remember correctly, the BFG Series qualifying matches began on the Impact following Slammiversary last year, although I hope there's no need for them this year.  Another thing to look for is the Road to Option C.  Sanada is the current champion but will he make it to Destination X as the X Division champion.  It's hard to tell simply because TNA can choose a few options of how they book Sanada.  Personally, I don't think he's ready for the main event at Destination X so I'd prefer to see him lose the X Division title the week prior to the big event, which coincidentally is the night the Great Muta is expected to appear.  The only question is, will he be congratulating his protege or consoling him?

- And lastly, there's been a lot of chatter going on lately regarding TNA attempting to sign Ring of Honor talents who are under contract.  I don't know if it's true or not but quite frankly, it doesn't matter.  This is only an issue because it's TNA who are pursuing ROH talents, therefore it's the duty of the usual suspects to criticize the company for "raiding" ROH.  WWE has reportedly offered Kevin Steen a contract or at the very least the two sides are currently negotiating.  Ironically, Steen is under contract with ROH until August but nobody seems outraged at the thought of Vince McMahon once again raiding Ring of Honor.  Why exactly is that?  As for TNA, they have every right to scout the indies and that includes ROH for potential new signings.  The anti-TNA crowd may not like it but the reality is that ROH's role within the pro wrestling structure is to create and develop future stars for WWE and TNA, a concept that they've even embraced judging by the "Creating Excellence" video that opens ROH's TV show every week, featuring current WWE and TNA stars.  There's also a report that there might be some tension between TNA and ROH and although this is nothing new, I suspect this is simply part of the narrative by the internet wrestling community to create and provoke some sort of "war" between the two promotions.  If I'm an ROH fan, I'd be careful what I wish for because the fact remains that although TNA's budget remains tight, Dixie Carter has at her disposal more money than the McMahons do.  Yes, the Carters expect their daughter to maintain her own company on the revenue she brings in but I don't for a second believe that they would turn her down if she asked for a loan to sign some new talents, or shall I say, ROH talents.

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