12 June 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Jun 12, 2014

- I can't emphasize enough how important this week is for TNA and I'm not referring to tonight's episode of Impact, which is essentially a lame duck episode.  As a go-home show for Sunday's Slammiversary PPV, it will serve no purpose other than to, once again, say farewell to the dreadful Impact Zone.  What I'm referring to, however, is Slammiversary, the show that will essentially kick off TNA's Summer of programming.  This Sunday's PPV is not at all a culmination of things but the genesis of things to come.  I mentioned in a recent Randomania column that TNA acted like a company which had been biding their time the last few weeks in order to save the good stuff for Slammiversary and the tapings in New York City.  Well, Slammiversary is almost here.  And it's time for TNA, which had over a month to prepare for this show, to produce a fitting anniversary show that's worthy of its twelve year history.  Anything else would be a missed opportunity, in my opinion.

- One of the most interesting aspects of this week's events has been the enthusiasm that the Von Erich family has shown for this Sunday's PPV.  I hope TNA do not underestimate the magnitude of this moment.  The latest generation of one of pro wrestling's most famous families are making their debut on U.S. television, live from Dallas TX.  This is truly an historic moment, one that TNA needs to capitalize on and treat it like the historic event that it is.  Incidentally, we often argue about wrestlers who draw or not without quite having the facts to support our argument and here we have a situation in which the impact that the Von Erichs are making on Slammiversary's ticket sales is tangible.  It's real.  I'm not sure whether or not it was Dixie Carter's idea to reach out to the Von Erichs but whoever made this decision truly deserves kudos because it's brilliant.

- I have one word for the former TNA wrestlers who have expressed their discontent with TNA's business and/or booking decisions after they weren't re-signed to a contract that overpaid them: hypocritical.  I won't name them since we know who they are but the reality is these individuals would not have hesitated to sign on the dotted line if TNA had given them the contract they wanted.  In other words, they are fine with TNA making poor business decisions as long as they themselves are benefiting from those decisions.  Like I said, it's hypocritical.

- MVP mentioned in an interview yesterday that he believes he has a torn meniscus but will still attempt to wrestle in the main event at Slammiversary.  I wouldn't put too much stock into what MVP has said publicly for one reason: tonight's episode of Impact has not aired.  It's simply not smart to go public right now with any decisions regarding his status for Sunday.  I suspect TNA will monitor MVP's condition until the last possible moment before making a final decision.  It's also possible that they've already made a decision and could announce something after tonight's Impact.  We should know soon enough.

- Although I understand the decision to add the Wolves to the X Division title match mix, it's still a bit of a disappointment to me that they will not wrestle in a traditional tag team title match.  This is something I've mentioned a few times since the Wolves arrived in TNA.  For whatever reason, the Wolves have not been put in a position to rejuvenate the Tag Team Division and that's frustrating to me.  Since winning the titles, the second time, they've wrestled in one traditional tag team match on Impact, and that was against the BroMans.  I realize that there are no teams right now but TNA seem to be compounding the problem by constantly inserting the Wolves into feuds and matches outside the division. They're simply delaying the reconstruction of the Tag Team Division.  I realize that the writers need to develop new tag teams, and although I see one perhaps emerging in Bram and Magnus, I don't see a concerted effort by TNA to rebuild their Tag Team Division with legit teams who can challenge Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards...unless you think Knux and the Freak are legit of course, which I do not.  With all that said, I'm still looking forward to watching the Wolves this Sunday in the X Division title match.

- Speaking of the X Division title match, Crazzy Steve has been booked as one of the participants and I don't think this is a coincidence at all.  Firstly, I think it's to make sure that the Menagerie appear on the PPV and secondly, I have a feeling he will do something insane during the match that triggers a 'holy shit' chant from the crowd.  Does anyone else wish that TNA will somehow find a way to incorporate the men on stilts into this match with ladders?  I'm not sure how or if it's even possible but it would certainly be quite a spectacle.

- And lastly, I officially ordered Slammiversary on Tuesday...not due to the fact that TNA did a great job of selling the PPV to me but because I'm a TNA fan and this is how I show my support.  Some will scoff at this but I can decide for myself whether or not I will order TNA PPVs or buy tickets to TNA shows or buy TNA merchandise.  I will continue to support the company because they are still the wrestling promotion that resonates with me the most.  They fill my wrestling needs in a way that neither the WWE or Ring of Honor do right now.  TNA is heavily criticized but the fact remains that on any given Thursday, they can be the perfect mix of sports entertainment and pro wrestling with a little bit of chaos thrown in.  That's TNA, and that's what I look for in a wrestling show.

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