27 June 2014

TNA Tapings: Back to the Future!

With all of the recent IMPACT TV tapings in Bethlehem and New York City, it would be easy to get confused about what week we're actually watching or even what show is exactly being talked about online.  So much has taken place in the last week or so with BFG being announced for Tokyo, Japan in October, the six sided ring returning, The Hardy Boyz reuniting, MVP losing his power, the Great Muta wrestling for TNA, and on and on.  It's hard to keep it all straight.  However, given the constraints of TNA needing to tape so many multiple-taping shows, the company has done a marvelous job in creating buzz and awareness for the product while continuing to deliver high-quality episodes every week for its fans.  Since Slammiversary, this company has been on a MAJOR hot streak and it's only going to get better as time goes on.  But that's the thing.....what time are we actually talking about here? GREAT SCOTT!!! It feels like we're going BACK TO THE FUTURE!

The jumping back and forth between real time and the past with TNA lately is enough to even make Doc and Marty's heads spin.  I know a lot of us probably have a different way that we perceive the TV tapings timeline but we can all agree on one thing: This is a necessary evil for the greater good of the company.  So with that consensus in place, we are put in a position as fans, of having a massive amount of spoilers out there to tempt us with (or having them thrown in our face).  Unless you don't visit other wrestling sites at all and avoid all social media (and we're not asking you to do so just to clarify), you're probably going to find out certain events that happened in NYC this week at some point before they air on Spike TV.  Those events have created a true and undeniable excitement for TNA right now.  Sometimes we, as TNA loyalists, have felt like there is somewhat of a  buzz for IMPACT Wrestling in the past couple of years, while skeptics scoff at that notion.  But right now, right this second, the buzz that TNA has created in NYC cannot be disputed unless you are an outright TNA-hating POS.  TNA has potential to move the meter in a way that has not happened since January 4th of 2010.  And while TNA may not pop a rating like that past episode did, the excitement level for the company is at least at that same level, if not higher.  It took them 4 and a half years to have this type of momentum again.  The question is, what will they do with it?

With any good time travel movie, there is usually the on-going theme of the characters possibly and accidentally running into their former selves.  Mostly the assumption is that it will cause some kind of crazy tear in the space time continuum.  What if Dixie could go back in time and talk to herself in the summer of 2009?  Would she tell the prior Dixie to not sign Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff?  Would the path that TNA has traveled since then be different in that alternate universe by this point in 2014?  Most likely the 6-sided ring would have never gone away.  Maybe other wrestlers would still be with the company.  We can't change the past, but TNA can sure as hell change the future.  They have the wrestling world in the palm of their hand right now.  Right now is the surest I have EVER been that TNA has a real chance to expand its fan base going forward.  They must capitalize on this momentum.  Now where is that stupid, good-for nothing Biff?  He is supposed to be waxing my car.

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