11 June 2014

TNA announces X Division Title Match for Slammiversary!

According to TNA, X Division champion Sanada will be defending his title in a six-man ladder match at Slammiversary against Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Tigre Uno, Manik, and Crazzy Steve.  This is very interesting as we had been wondering if there would be an X Division match on the card.  Although I'm very happy about this announcement, I'm a little puzzled by the Wolves' involvement in this match.  Davey Richards had tweeted the other day that the Wolves would be defending their tag titles at Slammiversary yet now we hear that they're in the X Division title match.  It's like I mentioned in my Randomania last week, the Slammiversary line-up seems like it's in flux, which keeps things interesting. 

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