16 June 2014

Slammiversary XII: Just What the Doctor Ordered

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you my frustrations about my lack of excitement for Slammiversary and how TNA seemingly dropped the ball on one of their biggest events of the year.  As we got closer to the show, however, my excitement level began to rise, particularly due to a really good go-home show and the news that the PPV's main event had been changed.  I can now report, the day after the PPV, that Slammiversary delivered in a way that it not only exceeded my expectations but it reassured me that TNA as a brand is still alive and well.

I have a feeling that history will be very kind to Slammiversary XII on June 15th, 2014.  It will be remembered as the day TNA took that next step in their evolution as a company.  A company that is much-maligned by wrestling "journalists" and fans alike, for reasons only they know, TNA proved them all wrong last night by presenting a special anniversary show filled with great in-ring action, fantastic storytelling, and special moments in front of an exuberant crowd of 3,000-plus.  There's nothing better in mainstream wrestling than a TNA-savvy crowd that's invested in the product and last night, the Dallas/Fort Worth fans showed the wrestling community how it's done.

Overall, TNA kicked off their road tour in spectacular fashion and are now on their way to Bethlehem, PA with quite a bit of momentum.  I said, recently, that TNA needed to rally their core diehard fans with a good PPV before they can begin the process of growing the rest of their fanbase again, and judging by their reactions after Slammiversary, TNA did exactly that.  Dixie Carter and Co. can leave Texas with their heads held high because they put smiles on the faces of so many fans who watched Slammiversary around the world last night.  As for me, I'm still smiling.  Slammiversary XII was the feel-good wrestling show of the year and I'm a much better wrestling fan today for being a part of it.

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