08 June 2014

Ringside: Impact Wrestling Review - Jun 5, 2014

Chris Regal
For those who read my POV the other day on the Slammiversary build have some sort of idea of what I thought about this week's Impact.  Unfortunately, this week's show highlighted some of the things that I'm currently not loving about TNA.  First and foremost, it's the Impact Zone.  If there was a show that was absolutely sabotaged by the live crowd, it was this one.  It was another reminder why TNA really should think again if they ever consider returning to Universal Studios.  As much as the IZ serves as a crutch for TNA, the venue has now become a huge liability.  The Impact Zone is now doing a lot of harm to TNA.  Luckily, next week's show appears to be the final one, at least through the Summer months so that alone will be a huge morale booster for TNA fans.

The show creatively was pretty underwhelming and at times, I found myself a bit disinterested and that's something I can't remember ever being during an episode of Impact.  The biggest issue for me were the two matches that MVP booked in order to get back at the faces - Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards and Samoa Joe vs Austin Aries.  These are two potential dream matches and under this scenario, they were both snoozefests simply because the booking of two faces who don't want to fight is never a formula for success.  And unfortunately, we've seen it three times the last two weeks if you include last week's Eric Young vs Bully Ray.  None of these matches delivered in any way other than to fill TV time that could have gone to perhaps an enjoyable X Division match.

Unfortunately, it felt like we had too many filler segments this week with the one involving the BroMans and the Menagerie being the worst offender of them all.  Honestly, I'm still trying to figure out why the Menagerie has targeted the BroMans other than to get on television in random segments.  This week's segment wasn't very good, minus a couple of amusing moments such as the horn battle and Knux's promo comparing his crew to the BroMans.  To make matters worse, the Freak's mask came off when he threw DJ Z onto the floor and although I couldn't stop laughing, I don't think that was the intended purpose.

And lastly, the main event First Blood match was decent but uneventful.  The two teams seemed to simply go through the motions until someone bled.  The Bully Ray chain shot to EC3's head was a bit anticlimactic in that it didn't come across as a big moment in the match but rather just another move.  I think that's TNA's biggest problem right now.  Everyone just seems to be going through the motions until Slammiversary...the wrestlers, the live crowd, etc.  With that said, I give kudos to the writers who always seem to put in a lot of work on these shows.  It's just a shame that it's all falling flat.    

Favorite Moment - Not many this week but I found myself completely enthralled by the Gunner/Samuel Shaw segments.  Although short, they packed quite a punch as opposed to the rest of the show.  I'm definitely intrigued by this storyline.

Least Favorite Moment - Typically, I find it difficult to come up with these types of moments becase Impact usually is very good but this week, I could choose from many.  I will give the honor to one of the worst editing jobs in recent memory and that is EC3 bleeding and unable to get up inside the ring one moment, and appearing in the back getting beat up by MVP's crew the next.  This wasn't in real time yet Mike Tenay made it sound like it was.  It was embarrassing on so many levels.

MVP of the Night - I will give it to Samuel Shaw this week for his wonderful performance.  That moment when he was asked to psychoanalyze his drawings was as poignant a segment as I've ever seen in pro wrestling.  It was touching.

Grade -  I hate to be harsh but this was a bad show.  Normally I would have overlooked it but we're a little over one week away from Slammiversary and this week's Impact did absolutely nothing to get me excited for the PPV, let alone entice me to order it.  Overall, I will give this week's Impact a D.

The opening segment left me with a question that really should have been answered, why exactly did Joe just disappear for nearly 2 months? The only real reason we're getting is from MVP, and that is Joe had a temper tantrum because he wasn't getting a one-on-one World Title shot and went home. Unless Joe is apart of Team MVP and his fighting for TNA stance is just a swerve, then TNA aren't exactly making Joe look like a babyface by giving us no real reason other than Joe acting like a brat as the reason why he walked away. After writing the above out, I wouldn't be shocked if Joe ended up joining MVP and his disappearance and return for revenge was a set-up to eventually turn on Team TNA when they least expect it. Oh and by the way, since when was Joe not on the roster? That seemed to pop into MVP's monologue without any previous acknowledgement.

I enjoyed the Bram vs Willow match, but I was more bothered about what Magnus would do, I believed that he would make a decision one way or another this week, and that he did. I think the more brutal side of Magnus should be fun to watch, and once this feud with Willow is done, Bram & Magnus should be a good addition to the tag division. Richards vs Edwards was a short technical match, but all it was really was to get heat on MVP for making two partners fight. So...that BroMans/Menagerie segment...why that happened I do not know, why the Menagerie started going after the BroMans I do not know. Next week Knux faces Robbie E, my question is, why didn't this start the whole BroMans/Menagerie feud, have Robbie screw over Knux in a match, then next week have the Menagerie go after them for revenge. I understand that this whole Robbie E being afraid of clowns thing might be a way to write him off the show for a bit, but good lord it could be better than what happened Thursday, because that was hard for me to watch.

I liked Joe vs Aries while it lasted, but I didn't like the finish. When EY and Brian Hebner were arguing, I found myself siding with Hebner. Both EY & Ray's argument against Hebner's didn't have a leg to stand on, saying both Joe and Aries had families and didn't deserve to be fired, yet they wanted Hebner, someone in the exact same position as Joe & Aries, risk his job instead. Anderson mocking James Storm was hilarious, from the clothes to the accent was fantastic, nice brawl with Storm getting the upper hand, leading to the Slammiversary match announcement. The Gunner/Shaw segments were interesting, him going through the drawings gave us a little glimpse into his current state of mind. I'm still not sure where this angle is going to go, and that unpredictability has me very interested in this story.

The main event was decent for an 8-man tag, and we didn't realise until after the show it was a preview of 4 matches at Slammiversary. Dixie declaring war on MVP now means we have 3 sides in TNA, Team Dixie, Team MVP & Team TNA. While I like how all these stories have crossed over, I really hope that next week we get focus on all the individual matches going into Slammiversary, right now I feel like just a week out, I should be excited about MVP vs EY and Bully vs EC3, but the last few weeks they've taken a back seat to this current faction feud. Next week they need to give individual attention to the Slammiversary matches, because right now the excitement level for Slammiversary isn't as high as it should be.

Favorite Moment - Magnus embracing the violence and siding with Bram, I'm really looking forward to what this new layer to Magnus will deliver.

Least Favorite Moment - The BroMans/Menagerie segment.

MVP of the Night - Magnus. Him re-discovering his aggression as well as his alliance with Bram should be the start of his resurgence.

Grade - Not really a fan of this show, I found myself being disappointed with several things on the show, and this close to Slammiversary, I should be excited, not disappointed. For me this show was a D+/C-.

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