02 June 2014

#REWIND365: 19 May - 01 Jun 2014

Welcome to #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the fortnight's offerings from #IMPACT365.  There is chaos at the top of the ladder as the past begins to catch up with MVP ahead of Slammiversary.  The Wolves, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe have all entered the fray looking to settle scores, along with a returning Dixie Carter offering an olive branch to her Head of Wrestling Operations.

#REWIND365 has been keeping tabs on all original uploads to #IMPACT365, and provides you a pick of some of the best in case you missed them.

Bronze:  Madison </3 Brittany

For those that are worried that Brittany's revelation concerning her true feelings for Madison Rayne will not amount to anything more than a trashy lesbian soap opera storyline, take heart and watch this video.

For those that are hoping that Brittany's revelation concerning her true feelings for Madison Rayne will develop into a trashy lesbian soap opera storyline, prepare for disappointment.  Watch this video, then take a cold shower.  Dirty boy.

With Christy Hemme becoming a recent addition to the TNA creative team, and Dixie Carter openly talking about her desire for more storytelling that appeals to a greater female demographic, I think it is safe to assume that they have something altogether more sophisticated in mind for this storyline rather than some soft-core lesbian titillation.  I believe this video from Madison in the wake of Brittany's revelation goes a long way to support this.

Brittany's tale is one of misread signals, unrequited love and ultimately rejection at the hands of Madison Rayne.  Madison saw a lot of herself in Brittany as the new girl in TNA and, albeit begrudgingly at times, tried to offer her some guidance.  Unfortunately Brittany misinterpreted this kindness for affection, became erratic in the face of Madison's dismissal and The Beautiful People were on standby to make the worst of a bad situation.  I have been disenchanted with what has been happening in the Knockouts Division for a long time, but the potential for this story has me interested.  I look forward to how TBP will try to use Brittany to hurt Madison, and how Brittany's character will cope with the emotional turmoil in the weeks ahead.  She already looked like a girl on the edge last Thursday.

Around the World, and particularly in the USA, there is an increasing shift in perception on the rights of same-sex couples.  Seems to me TNA will be looking to tap into the buzz surrounding recent legislation by creating an angle in which Brittany's sexuality is incidental to the storyline rather than a gimmick or driving force behind it.

Silver:  BROing it Alone

It is not often we get to see Jessie Godderz delivering a monologue on his own.  Whenever he is on Impact his contributions are drowned out by the hyperactive pairing of Robbie E and DJ Z, and even as a regular panelist on Xplosion's Spin Cycle Godderz seems to fall into the background with Robbie E and EC3 putting on a performance.

Taking them out of the picture and giving Godderz centre stage, it is good to see he can deliver a convincing promo of his own.  Still unsure to what extent this Amazing Race show will affect Robbie E's appearances on TNA, but if he did have to miss some shows I think it would be a great opportunity for Mr Pectacular to pick up the slack and build on his own mic work.

I am already impressed with his in-ring improvements over the last year, so kudos to Godderz for taking time  out of his schedule to work on the other side of his performance and upload it to #IMPACT365.

Gold:  Get Carter

Two uploads from EC3 this past fortnight, and two more slices of solid deep-fried gold.  I am not entirely sure why the video was split into two parts, but gave preference to the video above as it was more concise and to the point whereas in the other he seemed to ramble a bit.  Highlight for me has to be when he addresses the audience down the camera and says "You're welcome everybody" for creating Willow.

But heck, go check out the other one too as it is still brilliant.  Even when EC3 stumbles over his own words or loses his trail of thought, he recovers or makes light of it in a way that makes you grin.

I can't imagine I will get bored of hearing this guy talk any time soon, and it always feels like we don't hear enough of him on Impact.  #IMPACT365 is the next best thing, and EC3 never fails to deliver with his uploads.

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