17 June 2014

Pick 'em League: Post Slammiversary Standings

This past Sunday we saw a great Slammiversary PPV offer up 21 points for Pick 'em League members to capture, and 53 members of the league gave it their best shot. Several matches on the show were tough to call, making it an interesting event where points are concerned, going in we had 3 people tied for 1st place on 27 points, and this event looked to shake that up, let's see how the league picked Slammiversary.

Unlike Sacrifice, nobody pulled off a clean sweep and claimed the full 21 points that were at stake. According to the league, the surprise winner of the night was Mr Anderson, with just 10 people picking him to defeat James Storm. Apart from Storm vs Anderson, every other match was won by the league's favourite. While 6 out of the 7 favourites won their matches, it doesn't mean everyone picked the same, so let's take a look at the leaderboard and see how things stand now.

Coming out of Slammiversary we now have one definitive leader in the league, with TheByronTaylor getting the most points out of the pack of three, and now sits at the top with 45 points. Former co-leader JRobb22 finds himself just 3 points behind in joint 2nd with Chris Regal, Lobo & TNAisAmazing, and AA Incognito, who was also joint first, now finds himself tied for 3rd along with 8 others. While we now have a sole leader, there is still a large group not too far on the trail that can easily work themselves into the top position come Slammiversary. The next event in the League has yet to be confirmed, however keep your eyes on the TNAMecca twitter account for updates, there's still a long while to go before Bound For Glory, and we hope to have some point gaining opportunities during that gap. Thanks to everyone who took part and we'll see you next time.

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