10 June 2014

It's Time for a Change in the Knockouts Division

For those of you that read our Ringside review of Impact, you will have noticed that over the last month or so I haven't reviewed any Knockouts segments or matches, and it's simply because I have absolutely zero interest in the division right now. Unfortunately for me there is nothing going in TNA's women's division that is interesting or enjoyable, and I've been seeing recently that I'm not alone, which brings me to this conclusion, it's time for TNA to do to the Women's roster what they did to the men's, and that's hit the reset button.

I won't ignore the fact that TNA have made changes to the division in the last 7-8 months, bringing back Madison Rayne and Angelina Love, the latter leading to a Beautiful People reunion, as well as signing a new face in Brittany and bringing in Lei'd Tapa & Alpha Female, however its simply not been enough. Many, myself included, hoped the Beautiful People reunion would spark a resurgence in the division, however for me the reunion has fallen flat, the act seems tired and just isn't resonating with me at all, coming across as more trashy than provocative. We all hoped that Brittany would be the first of many new faces coming into the division, however that hasn't happened, and with every KO excluding her and Taryn Terrell being multi-time Champion's, the division is crying out for new names.

I think its time TNA seriously consider doing a total reboot of the Knockouts division. One of the reason's why the division made waves back when it was formed in 2007 was because there were so many fresh faces that came in, and from that point forward we watched them grow as wrestler's and as characters over the future months/years. With the current crop, we've seen the majority of these women develop to the point now where there all multi-time Champion's and have all faced one another on multiple occasions, so we as fans can no longer feel that excitement of two people facing off for the first time or someone going into a match that could take them to the next level. Its not the fault of the current Knockouts, but most of the current match-ups in the division have been done several times before, and its at the point where many want to see some new faces and not a repeat of the past, the only way this can be achieved is by giving some of the current Knockouts lesser roles or saying goodbye to them.

Names such as Brooke Tessmacher, Taryn Terrell & Brittany should be looked at as the future of the division, along with a veteran like Gail Kim to help the above 3 as well as several fresh faces develop and make the future of the Knockouts division bright. There are many names out there that deserve the opportunity, and in my eyes, there is no better time than right now to go out and bring in some of those women to be part of the Knockouts re-birth. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the division's problems can be fixed without changing the current players, but for me right now, the excitement and interest I had in the division has gone, and the main reason why is what I stated above, and until TNA make the necessary changes and bring in some fresh faces, my stance will stay the same.

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