06 June 2014

Is TNA Limping Into Slammiversary?

I'm typically a glass-half full kind of guy but even I can't help but notice right now that TNA is limping into their second biggest show of the year.  Regrettably, Slammiversary is less than two weeks away and I'm not overly excited about the show.  In fact, I'd say I'm closer to feeling indifferent about it and quite frankly, TNA should be very concerned that a fan like me feels this way.  Those who know me know that I usually look for the positives but right now, I'll be honest, I'm looking at Slammiversary and I can't say that I see many. 

This is Slammiversary, folks, not a B-PPV coming to you from the dreaded Impact Zone.  It should feel much grander than it does right now.  I said in my Randomania this week that I found the lack of announced matches rather exciting but TNA, today, announced most of the line-up and that excitement has quickly turned into apathy.  I can sit here and try to explain why that is but I won't because it's not my job to try to rationalize why TNA has dropped the ball on one of their biggest events of the year.  The fact is that a loyal fan who pays for every TNA PPV, buys merchandise, and just spent a lot of money on VIP tickets for the Impact tapings in New York City should not feel this way.  But I do.

The question now becomes how does TNA get me to feel some level of excitement for next week's PPV. Honestly, I don't think they can.  There is one episode of Impact remaining but based on the fact that it was taped over a month ago in front of an awful Impact Zone crowd, I don't see it happening.  There are still a few matches that will be announced for the show but again, judging by recent events on Impact, no match will likely change my outlook.  So what can TNA do now?

The reality is that TNA can do very little right now to change the way I feel about Slammiversary and that saddens me.  What's done is done I suppose.  However, they have an opportunity to start fresh with a well-booked PPV that creates some sort of buzz going into their latest road tour, including shows in New York City.  Slammiversary can be the official kick-off of a new era in TNA where intricate storytelling and compelling in-ring action can co-exist, not just one over the other.  The eyes of the wrestling community will be on TNA the next several weeks, particularly during the tapings in NYC, and if they do not take this opportunity to rally wrestling fans around their product, then it would be another missed opportunity like January 4th, 2010 was.  One might underestimate the flop that was January 4th but the truth is we're still feeling its impact to this day.  This time, however, TNA have another chance to make it all right on June 15th and beyond.  If they don't...there might not be a next time.

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