13 June 2014

MVP Pulled from Slammiversary! Replacements Announced!

John Gaburick has officially announced that MVP has suffered a torn meniscus and will not be wrestling at Slammiverary this Sunday night. We had been anticipating an announcement and I had mentioned in my Randomania yesterday that an announcement should come following last night's Impact. I wanted to see Eric Young vs MVP but this now makes the world title match even more interesting. Gaburick also announced that a replacement will be announced today. How will TNA proceed and who will be MVP's replacement? More to come...

UPDATE: MVP has announced that the following matches are now #1 contenders matches with the winner of each match advancing to the main event to face Eric Young in a triple-threat steel cage match: Austin Aries vs Kenny King and Bobby Lashley vs Samoa Joe.  This is actually a very good decision on TNA's part as it makes the two matches more than simply grudge matches and it adds another layer to the drama that will be the main event.  Nicely done.

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