28 June 2014

Behind The Curtain VI: Submit Your Questions Now!

The next edition of Behind The Curtain is coming in the next few weeks, so once again its time for you to ask your questions and have them answered in Volume VI. There is a lot to discuss right now in the World of TNA, including Lashley's Title win, the return of the 6-Sided ring, Bound For Glory in Japan, The direction of the TNA product and much more. I would like to note that questions regarding spoilers from the Bethlehem, PA or NYC tapings will not be answered, and out of respect for our spoiler-free comments policy, I ask you refrain from asking questions that include spoilers. Whether you want a question answered, or would simply like to ask a question to start a discussion within the TNAMecca community, this is the place to do it, so submit your questions now and I'll answer them in Volume VI. 

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