06 June 2014

Behind The Curtain: Q&A Volume V

Hello everyone and welcome to Volume V of the Behind The Curtain Q&A Series. In this instalment we cover 2 scenario's for King Of The Mountain to return at Slammiversary, whether or not smarks hijack the NYC shows, thoughts on Kenny King, Tag Team,s Knockouts and X Division wrestler's TNA could pick up and much more. Thanks to those who submitted questions, taking care of that half of the Q&A, so now I'll do my bit and provide the answers.

Will1225 Asks: Do you think smarks will hijack the NYC shows?

I know you know the answer Will, and I know you ask the question to bring it up and and make it clear, smarks will not hijack the shows. I don't understand the thought process of people claiming the crowd will be full of ROH fans who just want to crap on the product. If an ROH fan is willing to spend money to go to a show just to hate on it, then I want to have the same pay packet as them. The shows will be attended by TNA fans who want to see TNA live and in person, who are fans of the product and who want to enjoy the show rather than hijack it. You don't spend hard earned money to go and watch a band you don't like and just boo them, same for any sports team, or even any sporting event, and those that claim they will go just to shit on the shows are typical internet trolls, all talk and no action.

A.J. Patel Asks: What are your thoughts on Kenny King now?

I've always been a fan of King's, when he first appeared in the X Division title Tournament back in 2012, I thought he could be the next Austin Aries and shoot to the top in TNA, to see him now being involved in the main storyline in TNA and holding his own makes me very happy. I really see this alliance with MVP & Lashley giving King the chance to work with several top guys and prove he can hang with the best, he's great in the ring and on the mic, so hopefully this will be the launching pad for the King Of he Night to become a big player in TNA.

Brett Asks: What tag teams and women would you like to see signed by TNA in the future?

I think there's several tag teams out in the indies that TNA should look at, The Briscoes, Forever Hooligans, reDRagon, K.E.S. and many, many more. Whether any of those teams get signed I don't know, but if any of them signed, I'd be very happy. As for the Knockout's, from what I hear several of the Knockout's at the ONO PPV a few weeks ago impressed, especially Jessicka Havok & Veda Scott. The Knockouts really need new, fresh faces, and those two along with a Shana or a Candice LeRae would be a good start.

Brooksideraider Asks: What X-Division talent should be added? And do you think the 6-sided ring should return to give TNA its identity back?

I think names like Low-Ki, Ace Vetter (Trent?), Rubix, Ricochet, Rich Swann & AR Fox are all names that TNA should have on their radar. Add any of those guys to a group like Sanada, Tigre Uno, DJ Z & Manik, and you can create some pretty great match-ups. As for the 6-sided ring, I don't mind either way. I think if TNA really want to make the show look unique right from the outset, then using the 6-sided ring would achieve that, but if it doesn't come back, I honestly don't mind. When TNA got rid of the 6-sided ring, apparently a lot of the talent were happy due to it being much harder to work in as opposed to a 4-sided ring, so if most of the roster would rather not work in the 6-sided ring, I don't think TNA will bring it back.

George Lozada Asks: When do you think Spike TV will renew its deal with TNA?

Firstly, I'm not sure TNA and Spike will renew, with UTA shopping Impact around, TNA may end up on another network if a better deal comes in. One way or another, I think by the end of this month we'll find out what's going on and who TNA's signed with. Even if TNA are looking for the best deal out there, the realise they can't leave it too long before pressure from external influences (i.e. Panda, the IWC etc) starts to mount. 

Steven Wells Asks: If Eric Young vs MVP is set in stone, would you like to at least see a King of the Mountain match for #1 contendership? If so, who would you put in the match?

I'd love to have a King Of The Mountain match on the show, unfortunately I don't think there will be any room/anyone free to work the match on the show. What I wouldn't mind seeing though would be a KOTM for the X Division title. With Destination X announced, the title picture should be starting to heat up, and everyone should start looking at the X Division title as a chance to get a World Title shot in the very near future. I'd start that story by having Sanada defend against Tigre Uno, Manik, DJ Z and a returning guy like Petey Williams or Sonjay Dutt. I think if TNA were to do that, it would highlight that everyone wants the X Division title to cash in and would get the ball rolling for Destination X.

Will Asks: Who becomes World Champion first: Gunner or Ethan Carter the Third?

I predict EC3 will win the World Title before Gunner. While Gunner is a star in the near future, EC3's rise to the top has been nothing short of amazing, it reminds me of Kurt Angle's rise back in 99/00, going from a newbie to WWF Champion within a year. I wouldn't be surprised if EC3 won the World Title this year, and if it doesn't happen, I'm almost certain it will next year.

A.J. Patel Asks: How do you feel about the current incarnation of the Beautiful People?

I'll be perfectly honest, it's not what I thought it would be. To me the reunion feels flat, and their act just feels like I've seen it all before. Originally the act was provocative, but now it feels forced and trashy. Compared to the original version, I am not a fan of this reunion what so ever, I don't care about seeing them on the show, and when they are on, I'd rather fast-forward or just tune out until their segments done, and seeing how much of a fan I was of them back in the day, its sad for me to come to this conclusion.

Brett Asks: Do you think TNA should have the TNA WHC in a KOTM match at Slammiversary? If so who would the other 3 competitors be?

My original answer was that I don't think it will happen, however with MVP suffering a knee injury this past weekend, It may be possible. I'd love to see a KOTM match, and if MVP's out, I think replacing MVP vs EY with that match would be making the best out of a bad situation. I'd say the 4 challengers should be chosen by the Board Of Director's, with them picking Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley & Bobby Roode, the forth guy I would say either Gunner (I don't think he'll have a match scheduled for the show) or a surprise entrant, I don't know who but if TNA have signed a big free agent or are working on doing so, it would be the perfect time to debut them.

Brooksideraider Asks: Would it be beneficial to TNA to re-join up with the NWA? And do you think we've gotten a little too heavy on the promos & segments on Impact instead of actual wrestling?

It would not, as sad as it is to say it, the NWA is pretty much dead, all it is perceived as now is a link between several indy promotions across the U.S, so TNA re-joining wouldn't make sense. I don't mind it, unfortunately right now the ratings are down, and in the past we've seen that the talk-heavy shows do better than the wrestling-heavy one's. I don't want promos for two hours, but its always good to have a even mix of matches and promos on a show, because if we had 2 hours of wrestling matches every week that are top quality, eventually those great matches will become average in the viewers eye, and our expectations will become too high to meet. Right now the promos are laying out the story's, and very soon all that will come to ahead with clashes all across the roster.

Will Asks: Do you think EY can have a long title reign?

I think he can. I'll be honest, I'm a fan of Eric's, so my answer may be biased. But when I look at Young, I see someone who is over with the fans in attendance, good on the mic, great in the ring, marketable and someone with cross-over appeal thanks to his No Limits TV show. The only problem is I think the current climate in TNA could work against him and stop that from happening. Ratings are down and there is a lot of pressure on TNA to deliver in the summer in NYC, and because of this, EY's reign may be sacrificed in order to do a title switch, reset the title picture and get some buzz around the product.

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