22 May 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - May 22, 2014

- I'll be honest, two weeks ago, I was a bit discouraged by the prospect of Eric Young vs MVP being the main event of this year's Slammiversary PPV.  In fact, I couldn't quite shake this feeling of dissatisfaction all week.  I'm generally a glass half-full kind of guy but I found it difficult to fully accept the decision to make MVP the #1 contender to the TNA world heavyweight championship.  I did, however, eventually come to grips with it because I felt that the MVP reveal came at a time when the world title scene needed it the most.  I said last week in my column that this opens up so many possibilities for feuds and subplots, and if last Thursday's Impact is any indication, I was right.  

- The shocking reveal of MVP's alliance with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King will undoubtedly trigger a series of events that will essentially make sense of the booking for the last couple of months.  Impact has felt like a puzzle since Lockdown and it was up to us to solve it.  Unfortunately, some fans gave up but those who didn't were rewarded with last week's shocking twist.  The clues were there.  MVP had been clashing with a variety of talents, both face and heel, resulting in them vacating the Impact Zone.  Some did so by choice, like Samoa Joe, but others were forced out by MVP.  Hopefully, tonight, we'll witness the return of one or more of them in an effort to support Eric Young because our world champion has been intentionally isolated by the newly formed stable.

- Speaking of which, I hope MVP explains to us how his alliance with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King came about.  We now know that his supposed feud with King was simply a simulation, as was King's match with Bobby Lashley.  Interestingly enough, we had wondered why the booking for Lashley and King had been so purposeless since their returns, which coincidentally were on or about the time MVP gained control of wrestling operations.  It was all part of his masterplan.

- Last week, I wondered how the Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, will react to MVP's sinister plan.  Well, Richards, on Twitter, expressed his disgust with MVP so it appears that the Wolves will not support him or become part of his alliance.  It'll be interesting to see their reaction tonight as, judging by last week's preview, the Wolves do indeed make their feelings known.  As a Wolves fan, this is quite exciting as the potential of a feud with Bobby Lashley and Kenny King is something I can get behind.

- Judging by some tweets the last few days, it looks like the Menagerie's first feud will be with the BroMans and DJ Z.  I have a feeling that the feud will revolve around Robbie E's fear of clowns, which he has been hinting at lately.  Based on that premise alone, this feud excites me.

- Last week, we saw footage of Samuel Shaw at the mental institution and it immediately put a smile on my face.  I won't lie.  I missed Samuel and his lunacy.  I'm not quite sure what the writers have in store for us regarding Gunner's involvement but I can almost guarantee that it will be must-watch television.  I'm downright giddy just thinking of a scenario in which Samuel's mother and Gunner's father get involved.

- And lastly, I truly hope that Austin Aries makes an impact on tonight's show simply so that the incessant whining about his misuse or absence by some can finally end.  I'm truly embarrassed for those fans who simply can not distinguish an angle from real life.  Aries' absence has been part of a storyline and if you don't believe me, simply listen to the way Taz put him over in his match against MVP a few weeks ago.  Taz repeatedly lamented the fact that a talent like Aries was forced to sit at home.  It was as clear as day.  I can't tell you the amount of stupidity that I've seen online regarding Aries' status with TNA and it's absolutely embarrassing.  This is why the non-wrestling world thinks that we're idiots.  Let me be clear...this is a storyline.  Austin Aries is not leaving TNA, at least not anytime soon, nor is he getting buried for shoving his crotch in Christy Hemme's face last Summer!  I can guarantee you that Aries will play a huge role in the MVP storyline, now and in the future so I think it's time to stop with the bitching and start enjoying the show.

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