01 May 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - May 1, 2014

- On tonight's episode of Impact, Eric Young will defend his TNA world championship for the third time in less than a month.  On April 17th, he defeated Abyss in a brutal Monster's Ball match.  On April 27th, he defeated Magnus in a rematch from their battle on April 10th.  And tonight, he will defend his world title against an opponent to be named.  If ever there were any doubts that TNA would completely get behind Eric Young as world champion, I'd say they've ended those doubts.  Some wondered if he'd even be champion after Sacrifice, a mere 17 days after he won the belt.  It appears TNA are in it for the long haul and they haven't done a thing to make me think otherwise.  I am one of those who supported the decision by TNA to put the world title belt on Eric Young and so far, I can't say I've been let down.  In fact, based on what I've seen early on, I'd say we're in for a very interesting title reign and a memorable one.  EY has always been a special talent, and one who's been often overlooked by management simply because of the personality quirks that we've grown to love.  But it's those same quirks that will make him a unique world champion, one that's unlike any of those who came before him.  In pro wrestling history, whether it'd be in TNA or WWF or WCW, the most successful world champions marched to the beat of their own drum and I believe Eric Young has the potential to be one of them.

- This week, the Animal Planet site posted a press release for Eric Young's new show, No Limits, which premieres on May 30th.  In the press release, they described Young as an "Impact Wrestling superstar" and a "recently crowned TNA World Heavyweight Champion".  In return, TNA posted the press release for No Limits on the company's website.  This is the first of hopefully many instances in which the two will promote the other.  Also, it'll be interesting to see if Young will appear on his new show with the TNA world championship belt.

- Just when I thought the Knux character and story was falling flat, TNA threw a curveball at us during Sunday night's Sacrifice when he told Rebel in a vignette that they will be returning to TNA with two others: Crazy Steve and the Freak.  Well, TNA fans couldn't contain their curiosity or their excitement for this potential new stable made up of carnival folk.  For the record, if you at all thought that TNA are copying the WWE's Wyatt Family then you simply haven't a clue what a carny is. A carny is one who works at a carnival.  That description doesn't fit any member of the Wyatt Family or the group as a whole, which is essentially a backwoods cult.  In any case, I'm looking forward to witnessing the group's Impact debut, hopefully tonight.  From what I hear, the stable will be known as the Menagerie which I think is a fitting name. You can take a sneak peak here of the group and as you can see, Rob Terry appears to be a member of the Menagerie as the Freak.  I'm not sure how I feel about it but I'll say this, TNA may have very well found the perfect role for him.

- I hope that TNA has the good sense to film vignettes of Samuel Shaw in the psychiatric hospital and they include visits from his mother, Christy, with apple pie.  I can't imagine I'm the only one who wants to watch it, am I?

- I'm thinking about this feud between Dixie Carter and Bully Ray and I'm wondering, what are the chances that this will end with Dixie going through a table?  Is it even remotely possible?  Can Dixie Carter take such a bump without getting killed?  I honestly don't know but I can't help but feel like TNA are teasing Bully Ray putting her through a table.  Of course, they teased a flaming table spot for months during the Bully Ray/Mr Anderson feud without ever going through with it so is this another case of TNA promising something they don't intend to deliver? I hope not.

- And lastly, I can't remember the last time the top TNA titles were held by as interesting a group as Eric Young, Sanada, and the Wolves.  This is an exciting time to be a TNA fan for several reasons and at the top of the list are the talents who are holding the World championship, the X Division championship, and the Tag Team championships.  TNA are mixing it up in a way that they have never done before, even at its zaniest times during the Russo years.  TNA's world champion is Eric Young, the former leader of World Elite and Super Eric of the Prince Justice Brotherhood.  TNA's X Division champion is Sanada, a Great Muta protege from Japan whose TNA career is dependent on him holding onto the belt.  And TNA's Tag Team champions are Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, who for years were indie mark darlings and one of the best tag teams in the world.  It doesn't get anymore exciting than this, folks.  TNA is finally committed to giving us a product that's unpredictable, dramatic, genuinely funny, zany, absurd, and mainly focuses on exciting, young wrestlers who, at the end of the day, are considered TNA talents.  If you've noticed, the anti-TNA crowd have moved on from the WWE reject claims that were so rampant a few years ago.  The narrative has now changed, of course, to support their agenda but the reality is that TNA is currently producing something exciting and original.  You might not like everything TNA does but you have to give them credit for finally taking that leap that they avoided for so long and creating a product that's fun, newsworthy, wild and wacky, with a cast of characters that make you want to tune in every week.  TNA is going down the right path with their creative direction.  It's by no means perfect but it doesn't have to be.  TNA have always been treated like a redheaded stepchild while every other promotion gets the benefit of the doubt. And through it all, they've never been afraid to stick to their guns and give us their product, not the dirtsheets' product.  This is why wrestling sites will never give TNA a fair shot...because TNA won't conform.  TNA is TNA and the pretentious marks and experts can claim that the faux pas happen "only in TNA" but the truth is that the those faux pas have been and will continue to be part of TNA's charm.  And that's OK.  Because pro wrestling has always been about the peculiar and the offbeat.

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