13 May 2014

TNA Fans are a Patient Bunch

For those of us that have been TNA fans for multiple years, it's no secret that at varying times TNA has evolved, changed, ushered in many new eras, unsuccessfully revived outdated factions, clung on to dinosaur wrestlers and so on and so on.  However, throughout all of those different periods, there was a group of wrestlers that remained that gave TNA fans hope for the future.  AJ Styles was one of those wrestlers.  So was Kaz.  So was Daniels.  So was Chris Sabin.  And so were Bobby Roode, James Storm, Eric Young, Samoa Joe and others that are still in the company.  It is somewhat understandable how many fans have became frustrated in the last 6 months when they see some of these long-time TNA favorites not being re-signed.  I get it, I really do.  When you step back and evaluate your loyalty, does it only remain with those wrestlers that have now departed?  I have a lot of respect for sports fans that stick with their favorite teams.  Conversely it irritates me when sports fans become bandwagon fans for the current "hot team" at the time, or stop following a team based on one player being traded away or let go.  For most of us, TNA is our "favorite team" in professional wrestling.  It is sad to see some of our favorite players leave, but we've got to be able to move past it and look to the future.  In sports, players retire and get traded and don't re-sign all the time.  It's simply the way things are. 

Please don't take this POV the wrong way.  Again, I sympathize with those of you that are upset at some of the recent talent decisions that have been made by TNA management, but I'm telling you THIS is not the time to lose hope in the product.   You need to get over it.  Here's a thought for you:  Tell me a time in TNA history when there has been as much young and/or in-their-prime talent on the roster as there is now.  You'd be hard pressed to find it.  Sure there were times where the X-Division was stronger and had more depth.  I hope eventually that's the case again in the not-too-distant future.  You need to remember that the rebuild that TNA is currently going through is not just a reboot of "the same old TNA", as was done over and over again in the past.  They have evaluated the entire roster and made the changes that they feel will propel them to a different level than they've ever experienced before (and I'm sure there's more changes to come).  Those changes were also made with the idea of TNA going on the road (hopefully indefinitely) with IMPACT and presenting the audience with their own unique group of stars.  There's no more nostalgia pops for Hulk Hogan and Sting.  They are going to roll into Dallas, Bethlehem and Manhattan next month with a nice mix of veterans and young bucks, as opposed to the last road experiment which relied heavily on legends that just couldn't deliver in the ring anymore outside of a promo.  The long-term aspect of this whole picture seems like a recipe for success.

Now, last Sunday on our latest RingSide I let everyone know that I don't like MVP being in the World Title scene (especially in one of the Big 4 PPV main events).  It's ok for us to criticize and debate what we do or do not like about the current product.  We've always encouraged varying opinions as long as there is some substance to the comments involved.  I have since calmed down in regards to my perception of Slammiversary.  As long as the undercard is solid, I will most likely end up purchasing the PPV.  Not knowing the spoilers, I'm not sure how the next 5 weeks of IMPACT will play out.  However, I'm willing to be patient and objective.  I have a feeling once I actually see how it plays out, I will perhaps soften my stance somewhat on MVP.  The analogy that comes to mind is that TNA is "packing and making preparations to go on an extended road trip".  The Impact Zone has been their crutch for far too long and they need to throw that sumbitch out the window for good this time.  In June (and July by the time the shows air), TNA needs to show us exactly WHY we've been so patient.  We deserve to be rewarded.  We need to be rewarded.  I have faith that we will be.  Stay patient (and thirsty) my friends.   

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