18 May 2014

TNA & ChallengeTV to Relaunch Xplosion on Saturdays

Dixie Carter tweeted the following, announcing that Xplosion would be undergoing a format and timeslot change as a new family-orientated show:

In the official press release, Jeremy Borash stated that the program would emphasize the X Division & the Knockouts, as well as continue to be the home of the Spin Cycle. This is a pretty smart move from TNA, in its current timeslot of 11PM on Wednesdays, it's late for some fans, and along with Challenge only really advertising Impact, Xplosion gets forgotten about by a good portion of the UK audience. With this change, the show is in a good timeslot for families, specifically kids. The amount of times I've heard the story "I remember watching wrestling on Saturday mornings" from both UK & U.S. fans is insane, so the move in that respect makes sense.

It's also interesting to hear JB mention some focus will be on the X Division & the Knockouts, which Xplosion has been ready made for for a long time. I also wonder if this is a strategic move from TNA regarding their U.S. TV situation. For the most part Xplosion was a highlights show, but now with it being aimed at families and having a specific focus, it could be a good thing to have in their portfolio when negotiating a new TV, and could possibly lead to Xplosion getting picked up in the U.S.

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