26 May 2014

Should TNA Sign Roderick Strong?

Earlier in the year, Roderick Strong had reportedly attended a WWE tryout camp, along with fellow Ring of Honor talents Kevin Steen and ACH.  Other indie wrestlers who attended the same tryout were Willie Mack and Rocky Romero (of the Forever Hooligans).  Last week, it was reported that the WWE were planning to offer Steen and Mack a developmental contract whereas Strong, Romero, and ACH were not so lucky.  It appears that the WWE is currently not interested in any smaller wrestlers and this could, once again, be something TNA can certainly take advantage of.  Strong, to me, is an interesting case as he's in the prime of his career and I would imagine he's looking to follow the Wolves' path out of the indies and into a steady gig on national television.  What makes Strong intriguing is his versatility - he can fill any number of needs in TNA right now as an X Division or tag team wrestler.  TNA can also plug him into the main event or midcard mix and he wouldn't look out of place.  I think Strong's biggest asset, however, is the fact that he's a tremendous worker and TNA certainly is in need of those right now.  On the downside, his mic skills are quite mediocre but that's something he can eventually improve on with the help of TNA's staff.  So let me hear from you guys, would you like to see TNA pursue and perhaps sign Roderick Strong?  Share with us your thoughts on Strong, as well as Rocky Romero and ACH, in the comments section below.  

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