06 May 2014

#REWIND365: 21 April - 04 May 2014

Welcome to #REWIND365 Where the Reaction Never Ends, a selective look at the fortnight's offerings from #IMPACT365.  What a fortnight it has been!  With two titles changing hands and a World Champion that seems determined to welcome every opportunity to defend the belt instead of finding ways to avoid doing so, the landscape of TNA has changed in a very positive way.  #REWIND365 has been monitoring all of the bonus footage and presents some of the highlights.

Bronze:   EC3, 2 Front War

I am not 100% certain whether this promo was actually shot live as Kurt Angle was delivering his rant in the ring, but it certainly seems that way.  If that is the case, then EC3 once again demonstrates what an asset he is to TNA with an off-the-cuff interview that would put a lot of veterans to shame.  

EC3 and Spud are fast becoming one of the highlights of the show every week, so I hope we see many more #IMPACT365 uploads from them in the future as I for one cannot get enough of them.

 Dixie Hates Bullies

Madame Dixie Carter gets a lot of stick from those that are Hell bent on criticising TNA.  Despite the fact that she is a relative newcomer to performing to the TNA crowd in a major capacity, there are large swathes of the IWC that say she cannot act and that she should return to an off-screen role.

To these people I say; a little perspective please.  If you want to witness bad acting, I would point you in the direction of the likes of Linda McMahon.  Just like Dixie, Linda placed herself into a world she was not accustomed to with an onscreen role.  Unlike Dixie however, it soon dawned on the creative team that the only way that they could improve Linda McMahon's microphone skills was a storyline that involved her being struck mute and falling into a comatose state.

I would agree that Dixie does need to improve her in-ring mic work, but this isn't going to happen overnight.  Wrestlers spend years performing in front of the masses and honing their craft, so to expect Dixie Carter to instantly become wrestling's greatest orator and a master of playing to crowd reactions is a tad unrealistic.

The fact is Dixie does improve each and every time she steps into the ring, and I have no doubt she will continue to do so.  In the meantime, I would ask that her naysayers watch this video (along with her video explanation of the Bully Ray screwjob) and say with a straight face that this lady cannot act.  Dixie is in her element when performing backstage without a jeering crowd baying for her blood, and when the time comes that her in-ring performances are as good as these videos then we should be in for a treat.

Also, Dixie Carter still looks hot with a beard. 

Gold:   BroMans Shining Without the Gold

Finally!  Time to enjoy the BroMans without the taint of their exhausted title reign.  If the latest Pick 'Em League results are anything to go by, the majority of us fans were tired of the BroMans holding the titles and felt it was high time that they dropped them.

From a personal perspective, I have always enjoyed the BroMans and their antics and the title reign was perfectly acceptable when #TeamDixie was pulling strings for them.  When Dixie lost control of wrestling operations at Lockdown, yet the BroMans inexplicably held onto the belts in the weeks that followed, their backstage tomfoolery left a sour taste in my mouth as the silliness was overshadowed by the absurdity of them as champions.

Losing the belts to The Wolves at Sacrifice, it feels as though the BroMans are free from the shackles of having to simultaneously portray both credible champions and a bunch of ass-clowns.  They can finally return to doing what they do best, and playing up to their characters.  If this video is anything to go by, they are doing just that and in spectacular style.

An hilarious performance from Robbie E nets the BroMans some virtual gold to go with the Toys R Us belts they have been sleeping with since Sacrifice.

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