20 May 2014

It's Time for TNA to go ALL IN!

It's looking more and more like TNA is finally placing a heavy bet (again) on going out on the road for the foreseeable future with IMPACT.  To me, it feels like the right time also, as we have again been forced to endure the mostly cold, occasionally hot Impact Zone in Orlando.  It's been exactly 6 months since the company came back to Florida (minus the successful U.K. Tour of course) and reeled off multiple tapings after multiple tapings.  The real question is, "Did TNA intentionally plan this 6 month stint at the IZ to recoup financially and operationally?"  Nobody knows except for a select few people in the loop at TNA headquarters.  According to the dirtsheets and experts, you'd think they were in on classified meetings in which they were privy to the exact circumstances of TNA's TV network situation, employee payment situations, and morale issues.  So why wouldn't they also know if TNA had planned to go on the road all along or if they are "doomed to die in the next 6 months"?  Maybe TNA is just flying by the seat of their collective pants?  People that believe everything they read on the Internet, especially from pro-wrestling newzzzz sites, are as gullible and naive as humanly possible.  It seems all you need these days to run a site is the ability to copy and paste, closely followed by pushing the "run TNA down" agenda.  You could succeed and make advertising dollars doing SOLELY those 2 things.

We get compliments all the time from our readers that appreciate the no-bullshit/filler approach that we have implemented here at TNAMecca for the last 9 months.  We also naturally upset the smarks and anti-TNA group often because we don't conform to what they think we should post or what they think constitutes a pro-wrestling site.  Well guess what?  We're going to continue to run TNAMecca exactly how we see fit.  This website is not for everyone.  We fully recognize that.  We are not going to make any apologies for how we do things here.  I personally enjoy a troll-free, drama-free environment and I'm confident that you won't find another TNA site like it anywhere else.  There has been a lot of criticism towards TNA in the last 6-7 months.  Some of it has been justified but a large portion of it has not.  Throughout it all, we have maintained an objective point of view as we analyze what TNA is doing from week to week.  Even as objective, optimistic and positive as we've been, it's becoming evident that TNA needs to up their game and take the company to the next level.  You CANNOT do that in a small sound-stage in Universal Studios.  You CAN jump-start that process by having an A-Level PPV at Slammiversary followed up by successful TV tapings in Bethlehem and NYC.   

I don't think fans really understand the importance of the month of June for IMPACT Wrestling.  It's time to put up or shut up.  The talent is there.  The strategy is there.  The potential for increased promotion and advertising through the UTA partnership is there.  Hopefully, if they budgeted and planned appropriately, the money to back this whole thing is there.  Now they just need to deliver!  If the events in June play out to their maximum potential, I think we could see TNA's future become very bright.  There will be lots of important onlookers that need to be impressed.  I know that Dixie has talked about taking "calculated risks" in the past.  Well NOW is the time to take one of those calculated risks.  TNA must pull out all the stops for these events in June.  They need to have good, vocal crowds.  Failure is not an option.  Do you believe that they can do it?  There's already a U.K. Tour confirmed for 2015; that is a fact.  But what comes before that?  What will TNA be doing from August to December of 2014?  Nobody seems to know for sure.  It's a bit nerve racking yet exciting to contemplate it all though.  Give me your thoughts below.    

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