27 May 2014

The Great Muta to Appear at June 25th NYC Impact Taping!

TNA just tweeted the following, announcing that Wrestle-1 founder and Japanese Legend The Great Muta will appear at the June 25 Impact Wrestling TV Taping in New York City:

This is a pretty cool addition to the first TV taping in New York. The current situation is this, Destination X is rumoured to take place during the first set of NYC tapings, and currently Sanada is the X Division Champion, so this could possibly mean that Sanada will cash in the X Division Title for a World Championship match, and Muta will appear to endorse, or even possibly corner Sanada before his big World Title match. It's also a nice little addition to the June 25 show, it makes the taping unique from the other 2 that week, and may entice fans who aren't attending the Wednesday taping to now do so. 

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