05 May 2014

Behind The Curtain: Q&A Volume IV

Welcome to Volume IV of Behind The Curtain, in this Q&A I'll cover topics such as TNA's TV deal, the potential of Xplosion, future locations for TV and PPV, what the success of the NYC taping's could lead to and much, much more. Thanks to those who submitted questions, and if you would like to submit any questions for Volume V, you can do so by posting in the comments section. So without further interruption, let's get to it.

Vincent Is Valentine Asks: Besides the already mentioned locations of New York and Texas, where else do you think TNA should hold future shows?

I think TNA should capitalise on their on the road experiment from last year and use that as a gauge of where to go to next. If theirs one thing they can take away from it, its the knowledge of where they can draw and where they can't, my list would contain Chicago, Salt Lake City, Jonesboro, St. Louis and a couple of others that escape me right now, but TNA can be smart with where they take their TV camera's by using past events the influence their location choices.

A.J. Patel Asks: How long should Eric Young hold the World Title?

I think Young should keep the title until at least Slammiversary. Have him keep doing his fighting Champion thing for a few more weeks, then announce and build up the main event match for the PPV. I'm hoping that the King Of The Mountain match returns at Slammiversary, so if TNA wanted to have a title switch, that would be the perfect way for EY to drop the belt, but not lose any credibility as a main eventer in the process, Although personally I wouldn't mind seeing it go past that and into the NYC shows.

Numero47 Asks:  Should the New York shows prove to draw a crowd, would it be ideal for it to be considered the new Impact Zone?

It depends on two things, the rent of the Manhattan Center and the average gate they draw over the three nights. If all three nights are a financial success, then I think it could be a contender to not replace the Impact Zone, but become a joint home-base with the Impact Zone that TNA can swap between, which would keep the look of the crowds, and the crowds themselves fresh. I've spoke about this idea in the past, so if you'd like more detail on the idea, take a look at this edition of Vantage Point I wrote a few months ago.

TNA_UK_FAN Asks: Do you think TNA can push to have a 3 hour show each week? Are they in a strong enough position to make a case for it with TV companies they're involved with around the world, and perhaps in a financial position as well?

I personally don't think a third hour is the way forward. The fact is its tough to keep people interested for three hours every week, and while it would give more people a chance to appear on Impact, it might burn the audience out and cause the show to take a hit in viewership, something they can't afford to happen. I think the best thing they can do to expand their weekly content is get a second one hour show either on a network or on Youtube, what they need right now is more time to feature mid-card talent, so a secondary show would be fit for that purpose. They could do it, but it would be difficult because it would mean re-negotiating tons of TV contracts and it could be more hassle than good. 

Boneton Asks: Who do you think might join GFW? Will it work? Tell me your thoughts on what you think could happen?

There's a long list of names that could join the promotion, names like AJ Styles, Matt Morgan, The Pope, K.E.S. (Lance Archer & Davey Boy Smith Jr) all come to mind due to Jarrett's links to them, however it depends on what Jarrett's looking for and his budget. Its way too early to tell if it will work, we know very little about it, but they've made some good starts by signing with 25/7 and brokering a talent exchange with AAA. I like how they are building the promotion up to its eventual first show, the strategy gives them a good chance of building a fan-base and making the first event as successful as possible. I don't know what's going to happen, but right now I'm happy to sit back and watch it all unfold.

Vincent Is Valentine Asks: With the AAA partnership seemingly over, would CMLL be an option?

CMLL is certainly an option, but I think right now TNA should focus on their relationship with Wrestle-1. TNA's deal's with both AAA and CMLL in the past haven't been that beneficial for TNA, however their deal with Wrestle-1 in Japan is by far the best working relationship they've ever had, so I wouldn't want to risk taking attention off of that deal by signing an agreement with CMLL. If they ever do a World X Cup in the future, maybe a one shot deal with CMLL would be a good move, but right now I just don't see any benefits to them having a working relationship. 

A.J. Patel Asks: Thoughts on Austin Aries and his lack of TV time?

Aries is a great talent, so I can't understand why for the last several months TNA have used him here and there, but not to his full potential. He's recently re-appeared as being another disgruntled employee under the MVP regime, and with MVP having run-ins with Aries, Samoa Joe & Kenny King over the last few weeks, It leads me to believe that it isn't just a co-incidence and something is coming that will involve these who are unhappy with MVP. We've all heard rumours that Aries contract may be up soon, but seeing as he signed a long term deal in July 2012, the rumour doesn't add up. Hopefully Aries is back in the mix soon and being featured at the level he should be featured at.

Numero47 Asks: Why is there such a delay on whether Spike will resign with TNA? Any chance of Spike turning them down completely?

My guess is the delay is because of Viacom putting themselves in the running for WWE's TV rights, therefore Spike have probably been told to hold of doing a deal with TNA until WWE sign a deal with a network. This is probably why TNA have signed with UTA, who from the sounds of it are now shopping TNA around to other networks. If WWE signs with Viacom, which I don't see happening, then Spike won't offer TNA a deal, but with UTA working as their agent, its possible that come October, TNA could be on a different network regardless of where WWE ends up.

Sturginho Asks: Do you think TNA should do more with Xplosion than they do currently?

Absolutely, Xplosion could be the perfect place to continue several undercard feuds that might not always find their way onto Impact. Unfortunately there's no TV deal for Xplosion in the US, and their must be something stopping them posting it as an online program. If TNA can find a way for U.S. viewers to see Xplosion, then I think it can be a great asset for them to showcase more of the roster and add more depth to their storytelling.

Kyle Williamson Asks: Do you think TNA Should be a global wrestling organization instead of staying in the USA?

Ill be perfectly honest, I do. TNA's seen quite a bit of international success over the years, mainly in the UK, and if their willing to invest in other markets such as Australia, India and several other European countries, they could see the same sort of success when it comes to an annual tour of those area's. We saw the business expand from regional to national several decades ago, and I think eventually (when I don't know) the business will expand to an International basis, by that I mean companies taping more TV outside of the US than ever before. I don't think TNA should try and do it overnight, but I definitely think they should start nurturing other countries like they have the UK, the bottom line is though it all comes down to money, and only TNA know if they can afford to invest in other markets like they have the UK.

A.J. Patel Asks: Thoughts on the Abyss storyline not being up to par as some of us hoped?

I'm disappointed with it, so much so it affected my viewing of the World Title picture from Lockdown until EY won the Title. I thought after 2 years of waiting we would get a really good and dramatic ending to the story, instead we got Abyss forming a short-lived alliance with Magnus and zero explanation as to how Abyss has come to terms with his split personality. I don't know how they could just drop a story that has been heavily featured since 2012, and regardless of what excuse can be made, I personally think its unacceptable to just drop a story like that without any explanation or closure.

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