28 April 2014

Who Are the New Talent Signings?

We've been hearing rumblings of new talent signings for a couple of weeks now. Dixie Carter tweeted about about them recently and today, PWInsider reports that there's talk of new talents coming soon.  The question is who are these new talent signings?  Last night, TNA revealed that Knux and Rebel will be coming to TNA with two associates named Crazy Steve and the Freak.  There's some speculation that Crazy Steve is an indie wrestler who previously had competed in Gutcheck but like the Ethan HD situation, it's best not to assume.  Some believe this is a way to write Tom Latimer into the show, presumably as the Freak.  But beyond that, who else could we see sign with TNA?  The Wolves will need new opponents and they've already namedropped the Young Bucks and reDRagon as potential teams they'd like to face.  And lastly, what are the chances that Prince Devitt has signed on the dotted line?  I've maintained all along that I believe Devitt coming to TNA is a strong possibility.  I've already written a POV on this matter but I'll reiterate, why exactly hasn't he signed with the WWE yet?  What's causing the delay?  Could it be that TNA have given him a reason to re-think his decision?

UPDATE: Brian Hebner posted the following photo on his official Twitter account during tonight's Impact tapings.  Obviously, they are some sort of clowns on stilts which are presumably part of Knux's act and/or entrance.  This certainly is interesting as it can be quite a spectacle if done right.

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