24 April 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Apr 24, 2014

- I'm surprised to hear some complain regarding the lack of build for the Sacrifice PPV on Sunday because I don't think there's a match on the card that hasn't had, at least, some build.  In fact, there's not a single match that one can argue doesn't serve a purpose.  Perhaps they're thrown off by the fact that TNA essentially announced the entire line-up via their website but it still doesn't justify the criticism I've seen for the lack of build.  Personally, I think the build for Sacrifice has been perfectly fine with a couple of feuds seemingly coming to end (Gunner vs James Storm) while others are only just heating up (Bully Ray vs Bobby Roode).  Sacrifice should be a fun show with some good wrestling and perhaps a surprise or two as Sunday night kick-starts the road to Slammiversary in June.

- We posted Dixie Carter's tweet from last Sunday night in which she teased big talent signings.  Although some believe she was simply referring to the contract extensions of James Storm, Gunner, and others, I believe she was referring to new talent signings.  The next day, Dixie tweeted the following, "Getting my mind cleared for a BIG week. Stay tuned."  Again, it's open to interpretation but I'm sensing something big is coming, presumably at Sacrifice.  The Summer season is upon us and traditionally, the months of May through July have been some of the most exciting in TNA history, and especially in recent years with the birth of Option C.

- Last week, there was a rumor that Low Ki has probably signed a contract with TNA and although we still do not have confirmation that he has indeed signed, I suspect that it's true.  Although I don't read spoilers for Impact tapings, I did read the spoilers for the recent One Night Only X-Travaganza PPV.  Due to our spoilers policy, I can not reveal any of the results from the show but I'll say this, the impression I was left with was that Low Ki will appear on Impact at some point this year.  I think Low Ki would be a great addition to the roster simply because he's versatile.  He can be featured as a top star in the X Division and he can be part of a fun tag team with a younger talent.

- The other day, I wrote a POV about the Wolves winning the TNA tag titles and the potential tag teams that can challenge them in the future.  I mentioned Beer Money, which is probably the most realistic option right now, and the Motor City Machine Guns, an option that is much less likely.  However, the indies are full of great young tag teams and I think TNA can truly rebuild the Tag Team Division by signing a couple of them.  First on my list are the team of Ricochet and Rich Swann, the Inner City Machine Guns.  I'll go out on a limb and say that there aren't two more exciting wrestlers in the indies right now and quite possibly the world.  Ricochet was reportedly denied a developmental contract by the WWE last year so he's likely someone who would be open to a TNA deal.  What's also great about this team is their ability to slide right into the X Division when not teaming up.  Another team that's often overlooked but can come to TNA and really excel are the team of Trent? and Chuck Taylor, the Best Friends.  I'll say this about Best Friends, they are two of the few talents in the indies who have, both, the wrestling skills and personalities to become enormous stars on a mainstream wrestling level.  I truly believe if TNA signed them, they'd make a great impression on the fans, particularly those who enjoy a good dose of sports entertainment with their wrestling.  I think neither team will cost TNA much and they could come in and add some athleticism to both the Tag Team and X Divisions as well as be the future stars that TNA can begin to build.  The new TNA Originals if you will.

- And lastly, I'd like to talk about TNA's TV deal with SpikeTV.  I've been reading a lot of nonsense on the internet and I'm simply flabbergasted at some of the stupidity that's been exhibited by some, including those who write for some of the top wrestling sites.  Firstly, let me preface by stating that not a single person on the internet that doesn't work for TNA or SpikeTV knows what's going on.  So anything anyone says is pure speculation.  And judging by some of the things I've read, pure idiocy.  People need to keep in mind that no decision will be made nor will there be any negotiations I imagine until WWE's TV deal is settled.  From everything we hear, Viacom has shown interest in WWE TV so they have a vested interest in the final decision.  Apparently, WWE will announce their decision in early May so TNA's TV situation will most likely clear up at some point after.  Another thing to keep in mind, for those who are pulling the fire alarm simply because a deal has not been announced this late in the process, TNA announced their last deal with SpikeTV in April.  A few more weeks will not make a difference.  I think it's also important to note that Dixie Carter was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago, presumably meeting with another channel.  What's interesting about that is she took a photo while there and if you look closely, she's clearly visiting the FOX offices.  This fact alone could mean nothing but Dixie Carter preceded her photo with a tweet that read, "In LA. Day two of non-stop meetings. Exciting how popular Impact has become. Gotta wrap soon to get back and watch Impact at the hotel."  Could this mean TNA are shopping Impact around due to Viacom's negotiations with the WWE?  It's certainly possible.  But let's be real...Viacom and SpikeTV would be foolish to lose Impact since a television program that airs every Thursday night for an entire year and draws over one million viewers every week and brings brand awareness through their social media activity is still an asset for primetime cable.  If SpikeTV for whatever reason, fails to re-sign TNA, there's not a doubt in my mind that another channel will pick them up.  Personally, I think FOX Sports 1 is a strong possibility if TNA and SpikeTV do not reach an agreement soon.

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