17 April 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Apr 17, 2014

- It's been a very interesting week for wrestling fans as the shocking victory by Eric Young to become the new TNA world heavyweight champion seemed to divide the fans into two groups - the TNA fans and everyone else.  I can't remember the last time TNA fans rallied around one of their own and defended him against those who attempted to disparage him and his worth.  They defended him because they have an emotional connection with Eric Young, the likes of which is becoming more rare in an environment where many are all too happy to be detached as long as they correctly predict the demise of a certain company.  This is why Eric Young's victory is significant.  It awakened in us that special feeling that only pro wrestling can, and it exposed those who think they are too smart for the genre.  Those people are simply too stubborn to realize that pro wrestling has always been about the connection one has with the wrestlers and their stories inside the ring.  Luckily for TNA fans, Eric Young reminded us of that fact this week.  And it irked everyone else.  To them, Eric Young is the antithesis of what a world champion looks like.  To TNA fans, he's...well...Eric Young.

- One more point on Eric Young's victory before I move on...his win last Thursday night was meant to be a feel-good moment.  If you felt anything other than pure happiness the moment Young pinned Magnus, then perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your philosophy of pro wrestling.

- This week, TNA has decided to announce the contract extensions of various talents and I think that's very smart on their part simply because it allows them to report the news on their own terms, not the dirtsheets'.  We've seen how even the most promising of news, such as TNA taping Impact at the Manhattan Center in New York City, can be portrayed as a negative with a little bit of spin by the so-called reporters.  Unfortunately, these reporters often discard their sense of integrity in order to draw traffic to their sites and they'll throw the very industry that puts money into their pockets under the bus to do so. 

- So the Jarretts made another announcement this week regarding their promotion, Global Force Wrestling.  Before I give you my opinion of the entire situation, I'd like to inform you that, for now, our coverage of GFW will consist mostly of news and rumors with minimal, if any, commentary via our POV columns.  Even though some of our staff plan to give GFW a chance if and when it launches, our primary focus will continue to be TNA.  As for the latest on GFW, I can't say that I'm overly excited about it simply because I feel like the hype for the promotion has very little substance behind it.  Firstly, we were led to believe by several sources that the Jarretts had a TV deal in place, yet this week we discovered that's simply not the case.  As of this week, GFW has no TV deal, according to the Hollywood Reporter.  Secondly, the last several weeks, Jeff and Karen released several videos in which they passionately declared their love for pro wrestling and how it's going to be all about wrestling.  However, their new Executive Producer seemed to denigrate the WWE and TNA, this week, for their abundance of "matches" on their shows, going as far as to say there will be more variety in GFW.  What exactly does that mean?  And lastly, with no TV deal in place and a mission statement that has already been contradicted, you have to wonder, what exactly do the Jarretts mean when they tell us "It's Coming"?  What is it exactly?  And is it really coming?  I still plan to give GFW a chance if and when it becomes a reality but I have to be honest, I'm not as enthusiastic about it now as I was several weeks ago.

- And lastly, John Gaburick announced during his Q&A a couple of weeks ago that the six-sided ring will return, although he never specified if it'd be a permanent return.  I, personally, hope that it is.  I've never been one to put too much importance into the shape of a ring simply because I feel a promotion's identity is created by its booking philosophy, wrestling style, type of characters, etc.  But I have to say, I was wrong and it took TNA switching to the four-sided ring in 2010 to make me realize it.  Of course, it took me some time to fully comprehend how much a part of TNA's identity the six-sided ring was.  It was as much its identity as AJ Styles was as the face of the company. Even as much as Jeff Jarrett was as the Founder.  The six-sided ring is TNA.  So I'm looking forward to the event in which the ring officially returns.  The only question is...which event is that?  The obvious answer is Destination X some time in July but I believe it will make the most impact if the six-sided ring made its much anticipated return at the Slammiversary PPV in Dallas.  I can't begin to imagine how pumped the fans in attendance will be when they make their way into the arena and notice the six-sided ring. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

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