10 April 2014

TNA Thursday Randomania - Apr 10, 2014

- Tonight, the Wolves finally get their tag team title rematch against the BroMans.  They had previously challenged the tag champs in a three-way that also included the team of Sanada and Tigre Uno but it's nice to see one of the most talented tag teams in the world finally get to wrestle in a traditional tag match.  Since their arrival, I believe the Wolves have wrestled only two matches that fit this description so it's time for TNA to unleash them and give Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards the opportunity to show the fans why it is that they are considered one of the best tag teams in pro wrestling.  Furthermore, it's time to take the tag title belts off the BroMans tonight.  I like the BroMans and I feel that there's a role for them on the Impact Wrestling roster.  That role, however, is not as tag team champions.  I hate to say it because I have respect for every man or woman who busts their ass inside that ring but the BroMans are lame duck champions.  The fans are biding their time until the Wolves finally go in for the kill, essentially making their victory a formality.  Yes, we will all be happy that the Wolves have captured the gold but at the end of the day, they will have defeated the BroMans.  Again, Robbie E and Jessie Godderz are entertaining and have even elevated their game since the addition of DJ Z but as champions, they've been a non-factor.  A victory by the Wolves tonight would finally begin the process of getting the Tag Team Division back on track.  As champions, the Wolves will command the respect they deserve and as a result, will make every tag title match relevant, something that's not the case right now.  Incidentally, this match is included in our Pick 'em League so make sure you make your pick by 7PM EST tonight if you haven't.

- Speaking of lame duck status, I'm afraid that Magnus as the TNA World Heavyweight Champion has reached that point for me.  I don't believe he's won a single match on his own and after four months of shenanigans, it has affected his title reign.  And unfortunately, it's caused many fans to throw up the proverbial white flag.  At some point, TNA need to accept the fact that the Reign of Magnus has not delivered the goods and it's time to pull the plug, preferably at Sacrifice with Slammiversary at the very latest.

- On a more positive note, Kenny King has finally made his TNA return and I must say, he's done so in grand style.  The King of the Night gimmick is one that allows him the freedom to exude the sort of cockiness that comes naturally to him.  If his first promo since his return is any indication, we are all in for a treat.  I hope, however, that the writers don't attempt to rein him in for fear that he'll test the boundaries of the TV-14 rating.  It looks like he'll be feuding with MVP early on but Kenny King may have other plans as he tweeted this last night: "Thursday I made it clear, it's my time. No more begging for a seat at the table. Who should I piss off next?" Incidentally, now that Kenny King and MVP are feuding, could we see Austin Aries play a role in this conflict upon his return?  We know that Aries has had issues with both men so it'd make sense from a storyline standpoint.

- To elaborate on our Prince Devitt report from yesterday, my gut feeling is that he will ultimately sign with TNA and I'll tell you why.  Devitt has had every opportunity to sign with the WWE but for whatever reason, he has yet to sign on the dotted line.  Why exactly is that?  Why the delay?  Let me be clear...this is not a case of whether or not the WWE are interested but rather a case of whether or not Devitt ultimately believes Vince McMahon's company is the right fit for him.  Contrary to popular belief, not every wrestler is enamored with the WWE and therefore not a given simply because the McMahons are interested.  I believe Devitt is one of those wrestlers.  I could be wrong and Devitt could sign a contract with the WWE tomorrow but we've been hearing that for the last few months.  I think TNA has the resources to make a big play for Prince Devitt.  They can also offer him things that the WWE will not...such as a spot on the main roster on day one, the ability to keep his name and gimmick, the freedom to explore his creative side which includes his recent foray into body art, and of course, the ability to wrestle in Japan.  That has to be enticing for a 32-year old wrestling veteran like Prince Devitt, who has already made quite a bit of money in Japan.  Only time will tell but I don't think it's as improbable as you might think.

- And lastly, I'd like to take a moment and focus on AJ Styles for a bit.  I accepted the fact that he's not returning to TNA a while ago and quite frankly, I'm completely fine with it.  What I'm not fine with, however, is his constant bashing of TNA since he left the company.  I've always been a huge supporter of AJ's but what I've seen from him in recent months has unfortunately forced me to reconsider my stance.  I don't begrudge a man looking to make a living.  If Styles felt that TNA were low-balling him, then he has every right to move on.  TNA, however, has every right to offer him what they feel is a fair deal, based on his market value.  That's how the free market works.  Unfortunately, Styles has turned a business matter into a personal one by constantly throwing TNA under the bus in his interviews.  If ever there was a man who I thought would take the high road, it's AJ Styles.  Sadly, I was mistaken.  Since his TNA departure, Styles has conducted himself like a petulant little brat and quite frankly, that's unacceptable.  He's essentially turned his back on his TNA legacy and even his TNA fans.  He's a "ROH guy" now and if you don't believe me, simply ask him.  He'll be glad to let you know.  He wears it like a badge of honor like a six-year old wears a toy sheriff badge.  It's all so disingenuous.  In any case, I have a suggestion for AJ Styles: stop being a drama queen.  Nobody owes you a thing.  If you feel TNA's offer was unfair, then feel free to prove them wrong by making what you feel you're worth elsewhere, even if you have to travel halfway around the world to do it.

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