15 April 2014

Thank You EY!

So here we are, almost a week removed from the most shocking TNA World Title win in company history.  That's right.  The MOST SHOCKING World Title win EVER in TNA's near-12 year history.  As I have let it sink in over the last few days, I have to say, nobody ever saw this coming.  I imagine that is exactly what TNA was going for.  All the promotion and advertising going forward included Magnus as World Champion, as far in the future as Slammiversary (just look at the poster on the right-side margin for proof).  Eric Young has no T-shirt to purchase on  He has little to no merchandise for sale.  He isn't available to be on the current house show loop because he is busy taping episodes for his new show on Animal Planet/Discovery Channel.  The evidence suggests that neither EY or TNA had really planned in advance for this to happen.  Taking all of that information into consideration, the majority of fans (according to social media and our own TNAMecca poll) believe that TNA called this audible at precisely the right time.

As a loyal viewer of IMPACT, it becomes fairly difficult to experience organic moments of surprise.  To a certain degree, that's why Samuel Shaw has gotten so over because his character is an unpredictable loose cannon.  So we can all agree that we were surprised, that's an established fact.  But where do things go from here?  Not knowing the spoilers for the next 2 weeks of IMPACT, I can honestly say I have no idea.   Does Magnus want a rematch?  I'd assume so, but he honestly should be embarrassed by how the very first wrestler that he had a no-interference title match with during his reign took his belt away.  I mean, it obviously backs up the "Paper Champion" persona but I think Magnus should just move on to another feud outside of the World Title scene.  He deserves a token rematch with EY but I'd love to see Showtime have future title matches with the likes of Bobby Roode, Austin Aries or  Samoa Joe to name a few.

We probably all have our conspiracy theories as to why Eric Young beat Magnus last Thursday. It's been briefly mentioned, but has anyone really thought about how Eric Young took it upon himself to become a mainstream TV personality?  He landed his original Animal Planet show on his own. He has done a fantastic job with "Off the Hook" as the 2nd season has already been filmed.  Also, he has another (currently unnamed show) that will be debuting on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel sometime soon. The man will have 2 frickin' shows on cable TV in 2014.

I remember writing several times in the last couple of years (since EY got his 1st show) that TNA needed to find a way to utilize this fame and exposure. I never expected that collaboration would translate to actually making him Heavyweight Champ. He deserves it and is a great worker on the mic and in the ring. Maybe though, just maybe, TNA also had some reassurance from Animal Planet/Discovery Channel that they would actually weave some IMPACT coverage of Eric into episodes of one of his shows this season? In past seasons, "TNA" was not allowed to really be mentioned on EY's show. Video was shown with TNA's symbol and some generic footage but they usually just stated that "he was a professional wrestler". Last year, ODB was on an episode of "Off the Hook" but again they didn't really promote IMPACT Wrestling. Maybe that changes now that he is World Champ? Animal Planet already tweeted about Eric winning the belt.  Some degree of TNA promotion by Eric Young on 2 separate shows could not hurt at all. 

So in closing I just want to say THANK YOU EY!  Thank you for making things so much more unpredictable.  Thank you for proving that TNA believes in rewarding loyalty and dedication.  Thank you for making us laugh so many times in the last few years.  Thank you for using an old-school piledriver to get the W.  And finally, thank you for being an original.  Not just a TNA original, but an original in the pro-wrestling industry.  Those that say that EY is a rip-off of another wrestler either haven't been watching TNA very long or are only looking at things in a surface value manner.  

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