29 April 2014

Pick 'em League: Post Sacrifice Standings

The first major event of Season 2 has taken place, 24 points were up for grabs this past Sunday, and 63 members of the league made their picks all aiming to take an early lead in the season. There were many favourites going into Sacrifice, but it wasn't guaranteed they'd be the one's who would walk out with the win. Out of the 63 members who made their picks, 7 had a clean sweep and earned all 24 available points. With that being said, let's take a look at the breakdown of the Sacrifice picks.

Congratulations to AA Incognito, AJ Patel, Dominican Rebel, JRobb22, TheByronTaylor, Javier & Mr_Gordon who all earned the full 24 points. As you can see,  the odds on favourites according to the League were Sanada & The Wolves, while it was almost 50/50 with those who picked going into the Bully Ray vs Bobby Roode Tables Match. The only other matches that didn't have a landslide favourite were Angle & Willow vs EC3 & Spud and James Storm vs Gunner. In an interesting twist, all of the Pick 'em League's favourites going into Sacrifice won their matches, which resulted in almost 90% of those who picked correctly predicting at least 5 out of the 8 matches on the show. Taking everything above into account, let's look at the updated Leaderboard:

By earning the maximum available points over the last two events in the season, AA Incognito, JRobb22 & TheByronTaylor now find themselves at the top of the table in joint 1st, followed by a pack of 20 just 3 points behind them in Second. While its early in the season, quite a few members have posted good scores so far, which puts them in a solid position to win the season in October at Bound For Glory. While it's what everyone is looking at, BFG is still a far way away, and the next event in the season is in around 6 weeks time at Slammiversary. TNA's anniversary show should offer a large total of available points like Sacrifice did, and will be a pivotal point in the season. Thanks to all of those who participated, and we'll see you next time for Slammiversary 12.

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