10 April 2014

From Monster to Champion? ABYSS!

Last week on Impact after the ferocious fatal four way for the TNA Heavyweight Title, there was one man's name that was associated with the Title, it wasn't the Champion Magnus nor was it the legendary Samoa Joe but it was the Monster Abyss.

Towards the closing of the match, the Monster battled with long time friend/nemesis Eric Young and connecting with the Black-Hole Slam, he was ready to go for the pin but he was stopped by his employer Magnus, then told to step aside as his employer reaped the rewards by retaining the Title.

Disappointing as the ending to this match may have been, it has thrust Abyss into the main event picture. Fans aren't just seeing him as Magnus's sidekick but a full on threat to Magnus's reign and asking TNA, how long will it be until Abyss realizes his true potential in the ring.

After all, this man isn't a rookie in TNA, this Monster has been with the company for nearly ten years, he has worked for ROH, IPW and many other established companies. He is also the second man in TNA history to be a Grand Slam Champion. He has provided fans with amazing and chilling matches alike, matches like: the Monster's Ball match with Jeff Hardy and the Barbed Wire match with Sabu. Throughout the years fans have never properly thought of him as TNA Championship material, until now that is.

There are many reasons and theories why they have thought that, this writer thinks it began as Abyss was one of the main casualties during the Hogan/Bischoff era, but it seemed projecting the destructive Monster as the next Hogan by Hogan himself during the build up to establishing the heel faction, Immortal and then placing him in the X-Division, in a failed attempt to destroy the Division. After splitting with the group, he was then thrust into a war with Bully Ray, after defeating Ray, he was attacked and never to be seen until a few months later as Joesph Park.

Gone was the mask, the hatred and instead of ripped clothes, there was a suit on the man known as Joesph Park. Park had a mission, he was going to find his brother, Abyss. This thrust him back into a series of battles with Bully Ray again, except to add a new dimension to this feud, Park wasn't ring trained, in his mind, he was a lawyer, a wholesome Clark Kent type that would never normally get into a fight and this allowed the fans to feel sympathy and pride for this new character as he was beaten and on occasion victorious in the various of battles with Ray. Credit must go to Parks for this as this was something no fan would be able to do if he was wrestling as Abyss.

Continuing the battle with Bully Ray, he was attacked and kidnapped by Aces & Eights, and then after being defeated by different members of the faction, he was granted the opportunity to go to OVW, to train to become as wrestler. Through as series of comedy vignettes, fans saw the comical side of Park's valiant struggle to become a wrestler, again something fans could never do with Abyss, and after a few months, Park arrived back in TNA.

Then began the real search for Abyss, as Eric Young and Bad Influence joined the storyline. It started as Bad Influence bullied Park as they didn't see him as a credible wrestler to be in their ring, rushing to his friend's aid, Young helped defeat Bad Influence in many matches, but throughout the feud fans noticed when Park felt his own blood in his matches, he would demonstrate Abyss like tendencies and would destroy his opponents. The months to come, Park would come to realise that he was Abyss thanks to his friend, Eric Young. However, this would erupt into a devastating feud that would climax in a fantastic monster's ball match that would elevate them both in the eyes of the fans.

Champions have come and gone within TNA yet the Monster Abyss has continued to entertain the fans in various companies and multiple styles of matches. Previously, it seems that Titles haven't always been his priority but I hope that in this new era of TNA, that the Monster Abyss recognises his true potential, captures the Heavyweight title as he did in 2006 when it was the NWA Title, and show the fans exactly how dominant he can be.

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