11 April 2014

Eric Young as World Champion: From all Angles

So last night on Impact we saw what many of us never thought we'd see in TNA Wrestling as Eric Young, yes THAT Eric Young, became TNA World Heavyweight Champion! Some called it in advance (ahem Craig Hermit), some were shocked, some were happy, and some were pointing it out as "unoriginal", either way the wrestling world is talking about it. There are so many ways to take this, so let's look at all the angles and discuss what could be the pluses and minuses of Eric Young as TNA World Champion.

Let's start with the obvious positives:

He Deserves it:
When you talk TNA Originals and guys who have the company's back, look no further than EY. Here's a guy that has done EVERYTHING the company has asked of him. From playing the goofball of Team Canada, to being an awkward virgin, to a wannabe superhero; Young has done it all and you never hear about him complaining. He always gives 110 percent every time he's out there, from going all the way with his comedic performances to bumping his ass off in the ring, he has no lower gear, and I'm sure his run as champion, however long it may be, will prove no different.

EY fits current trend in wrestling:
TNA diehards have always loved Eric Young and have been behind him no matter what he has been doing. They see the guy working hard for their money and they appreciate it. However, there is more to the Eric Young title win than just him being beloved. The current culture of wrestling fans seem to be behind the underdog right now, look no further than the Yes Movement "up north." No longer are they taking the hulking heroes being shoved down their throats, they know the nuances of wrestling better than most promoters will give them credit for and they know what they want and what they don't and fans are letting companies know. They made it clear on Impact this week, they wanted EY.

Creating Buzz:
People are talking and that's a good thing. Magnus' title reign wasn't the epic run that people (and TNA) had hoped for. He was labeled a lame duck champion who no one was interested in. That's not a knock on Magnus' performance as the guy is great, but let's face it, he wasn't lighting the world on fire. Eric Young is a new fresh face in the title scene that is already WAAAY over with the TNA fanbase. Plus, if this is going to be the "new era" of TNA, why not push someone who is as outside the box as they come? I guarantee you people who turned off TNA for whatever reason, will tune in to see what they'll do with EY as champion, as he is someone fans will always remember.

OK, so I'd hate to be a downer, but let's take a look at the flipside:

The story sounds awful familiar:
Yes! Yes! Yes! It does seem like what TNA did on Impact this week was a condensed version of what WWE did with Daniel Bryan. From the fans in the Impact Zone chanting "YES", to Eric Young having to wrestle more than once in one night, all the way down to the beard. I have NO DOUBT that the anti-TNA brigade will point out how 'unoriginal" the story is. It's unavoidable. The challenge will be for TNA creative to make the story their own and perhaps do it BETTER than WWE.

Is EY Believable as World Champ?
His size can come into question here, but he's bigger than even some past TNA champs, so that's not why I question his believability. It's more will the people see him as a credible champion or will they just see the comedy act? Eric did the whole serious character when he was in World Elite and while the gimmick had potential it seemed to flop with the crowd and he was quickly back to mid card comedy. Are fans ready for a serious World Champion Eric Young?

Will it Last?
Was this just done for shock value? Are we getting our hopes up? Will Magnus be champ again by Sacrifice?  Was this just a one night thing to pop a rating? These are questions I have when it comes to EY's win. Was this a change in direction or was this more of a "thanks for the loyalty" title win. Time will tell on this one.

Either way you look at it, it is exciting and interesting to be a TNA fan right now as the possibilities are endless in the World title picture. If you're not watching TNA right now I ask you why not? ERIC YOUNG IS WORLD CHAMPION!

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