29 March 2014

Where is the Tag Team Division?

Since the arrival of the Wolves, Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, TNA has given fans a glimpse into a probable future of TNA tag team wrestling. Alongside the current Tag Team Champions The BroMans, Robbie-E & Jessie Godderz, these two teams appear to have been selected as the foundation for the new Tag Team Division in the new era. Both have been trading the titles both & forth during February and feuding since January, the only dilemma in this battle is what do these excellent tag teams do after the feud is over? Who is there left to battle with?

The team of X-Division Champion, Sanada and Tiger Uno, recently dazzled the fans with their brand of unique offensive high-flying skills and excellent team work, but the flaw is Sanada is an X-Division Champion and both men are firmly suited to the X-Division, fans would see their alliance as short term at best. Then there's the fantastic Bad Influence, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian, this team has it all, connection with the fans, the promo skills and the brilliant wrestling displays. One of the main disappointments TNA fans have recently had is not seeing this team facing the Wolves in a much longer match than previously seen, this was something fans demanded when the announcement of the Wolves first arrived. Further disappointment if this is true is that Bad Influence may not be re-signed after their contacts expire. If this news is true then TNA would have to have other experienced teams ready to take their place.

There's the problem, there isn't anyone else. If TNA resort to the short term solutions like it did in the past few years by having high profile stars team up like Bobby Roode/Austin Aries, Magnus/Samoa Joe & James Storm/Gunner it won't solve anything, only prolong the dilemma that has cursed the company since the Hogan/Bischoff era - the lack of realising how important tag teams are within wrestling.

Since 2004, the following teams have been known within TNA circles as the best tag teams the company has ever produced, America's Most Wanted, The Naturals, Team Canada, Team 3D, The British Invasion, Beer Money & Motorcity Machine Guns, it's not surprising that in a few months, The Wolves & Bad Influence will join that list, TNA needs to think realistically about what the company is missing and what the competition doesn't have. When you analyse the teams in that list, Booby Roode, AJ Styles, Magnus, James Storm, Bully Ray, Eric Young and Chris Sabin, these men have become main attractions to the fans today and it began from the reputations they made in these teams that they were part of years ago. Can fans realistically say the same thing will happen to the wrestlers who are tag team partners now?

At the moment the Division at best can create a four-way tag team match. TNA needs new teams to help make the company known for its tag team wrestling. On the independent wrestling circuit there are teams like, The Young Bucks, currently having their best year in their careers as multiple brand Tag Team Champions and reDRagon, they are multiple ROH champions. These forces are only the tip of the amazing tag teams across the world. If TNA looked at Pro Wrestling Guerrilla & New Japan Pro Wrestling, they would be able to bring fresh talent to the mainstream and fans will feel the same optimism they did when The Wolves joined TNA.

Less than a decade ago, TNA sported the best Tag Team Division in wrestling across the world, fans would arrive in the thousands to see what the wrestlers would bring on the night and more often than not, the fans were never disappointed. If this is truly a new era in TNA, then solving the elusive Tag Team Division problem would recreate the past success and secure financial & creative long term gain in the future.

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